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Polyethylene pipe and the industry The production of Poly Plumbing Fittings and other products has improved over the last fifty years to improve the quality of pipes, steel, cast iron, GRP and PVC.Nowadays, these pipes are used for many plumbing in different fields, which is why there is so much demand in the market for these pipes and that is why many businessmen are thinking of investing in this industry because of their high sales. Very good.


How to connect black poly pipe to PEX?

Polyethylene pipes or joints are connected by heat welding or mechanical joints. Polyethylene pipes can be connected to other pipes using pressure connections, flanges, etc. The user has many types of connections to choose from. Each of these connections has its own advantages and disadvantages in the particular connection conditions that the user faces.When connecting polyethylene pipes to each other with fittings, first it should be standard pipes and fittings, then use standard equipment for fitting and finally the method of connection by the contractors should be correct. The equipment used to perform the heat welding process must be specially designed to work with the desired pipe and the desired welding instructions. In addition, equipment must be well maintained and capable of operating in accordance with the stated technical specifications.Since polyethylene is a thermoplastic material, polyethylene pipes and fittings can be produced by the simultaneous application of heat and pressure, and by the use of heat-welding processes at temperatures above the melting point of the contact surfaces, polyethylene pipes can be permanently Boiled.The melting temperature of amorphous polymers, that is, the temperature at which the transition from solid to liquid state occurs, is slightly above the glass transition temperature. Also in irregular polymers, the transition from solid rubber state to viscous fluid is not clearly made. These behaviors are different from those observed for non-crystalline polymers because in semi-crystalline polymers, the transition from a solid rubber state to a liquid state is accomplished by melting all the crystals and resulting in a high viscosity fluid. This clearer transition of semi-crystalline polymers, from semi-crystalline solid to viscous liquid, facilitates the fabrication, assembly and fitting of in-situ polyethylene materials, as this feature enables effective welding.

How to identify polybutylene pipes?

To test the polyethylene pipe, putting it under the car’s tires and passing it is not correct and does not prove quality. But unfortunately, it has been seen many times that people do it. Professionals can comment on the quality of the pipe by dropping the pipe on the floor and listening to its sound. Polyethylene pipe should last several years under direct sunlight.One of the most important hallmarks of pipe quality is that it is welded properly and that the weld is maintained for many years to come.One of the most important hallmarks of pipe quality is that it is welded properly and that the weld is maintained for many years to come.The smooth and smooth surface of the tube also indicates its quality.

Also, the PE pipe should never be brittle and dry.Welding of PE is one of the hallmarks of the quality of hdpe pipe fittings pipes do not have standard seals but have a valid 3-year welding warranty from the pipe manufacturer. These tubes are manufactured according to the PE63 weight table.However, many grade 2 pipe manufacturers increase the thickness of the pipe to increase pipe quality, and we cannot say exactly which weight table they follow.

High quality Polypipe fittings in bulk at low price

To buy high quality polyethylene pipes in bulk, you need to know a lot about the quality of different types of polyethylene pipes.Just as expensive is not a sign of quality, cheap is not a sign of poor quality.You can buy polyethylene pipes with good quality and for a lower price whilst knowing enough about different types of PE pipes and researching different brands.You can find it from polyethylene pipe fittings catalogue.Polyethylene (HDPE) piping systems are used today in a wide range of urban, industrial, marine, drilling, landfill and agricultural pipelines. The optimal application of Poly pipe fittings in situations such as land surface, buried state, floating and submarine surfaces has been tested and proven.The growing trend in the use of plastics and in particular polyethylene in the industry is due to the properties and characteristics of these materials and their applications, which has made a remarkable improvement in production and utilization in various industries over a short period of time. To be a witness. Over the past fifty years, the industry has introduced itself as a suitable replacement for steel pipes, PVC, GRP and cast iron with improvements in the production of all kinds of polyethylene pipes and fittings and has been able to, in most cases, As a replacement for such pipes, project executives are often pleased to accept this replacement.

How to use poly pipe compression fittings in piping?

Fixed joints include all kinds of welding and bonding by various adhesives and chemicals. Welds used in pipelines include electric welding, argon welding and polyethylene welding as well as the use of polycrystalline adhesives and fiberglass resin for fixed connections. As the name implies, these connections cannot be detached after execution, creating a permanent connection. Types of electric welding in steel, steel and galvanized pipes and polyethylene welding are also used in pipes of the same name. Polica adhesives and fiberglass varnishes are also used to connect pipes to the same names.Removable joints, as their name implies, are joints that can be opened and partially removable. Sealing These types of joints are generally sealed by rubber seals that perform sealing operations in various ways. The rubber gaskets used in the water lines are compressed due to their elasticity and compression by mechanical operations during and after installation as well as the specific shape of the joints used and this sealing compression. Sealing joints As mentioned, it is generally performed by compressing the rubber gaskets, but the sealing system is performed in different joints and more in three ways.

Compressing the rubber gasket with screws and nuts such as flanges, cast iron gasket tubes, expansion joints, belts and ring and crown. Ford fittings for poly pipe interfaces are also sealed in much the same way.The gasket moves on a sloping surface with water pressure and condensation like all other asbestos tubes used with round gaskets and to some extent the fittings of male fiberglass tubes.Applying layers or edges to the tires that fall in place when the joint is in place and move in place with pressure and cause sealing, such as asbestos-press and iranite pipe joints, fiberglass pipe joints, and To some extent, Titan’s cast iron pipes.Due to the importance of the gasket in the quality of gasket fittings, it is important to be careful in choosing the right gasket and ensuring it is safe. Washers should be kept indoors away from heat and cold and direct sunlight. And because they have a limited shelf life before use, after this date they may be abandoned or lose their softness and flexibility, which is improper in both applications, causing sealing or failure to perform the connection. It should also be noted that the gasket does not have bumps, bumps or tears.

Best type of pipes for irrigation systems

Polyethylene pipes are used in various dimensions to save water in irrigation of agricultural land. The best type of polyethylene pipe used for drip irrigation of agricultural land is a 1 to 2 mm polyethylene pipe. These pipes are usually available in 3 or 5 meter coils and can be used for long distances on land.Drip irrigation is a type of irrigation that is used to irrigate agricultural crops and save water. Drip irrigation is the most widely used model of agricultural irrigation and is used in most countries today.The most common polypipe fittings used in drip irrigation is a 2mm polyethylene pipe. This method of irrigation prevents the growth of weeds in the soil and allows better transfer of pesticides and plant pests to the soil.Nowadays, Pars Ethylene Kish piping systems are used in most fire fighting systems, high pressure water transfer projects, urban and industrial wastewater transmission systems, as well as natural gas transmission in industrial, chemical and telecommunication environments. And cable coverage is used for large projects.Polyethylene pipe can transport drinking water, sewage, chemicals, slurry and hazardous waste and compressed gases. The use of polyethylene pipes in the oil and gas industry has a long history and has the lowest maintenance compared to other pipes for municipal gas distribution. The use of polyethylene pipes in the water supply networks is growing today, and project managers have replaced polyethylene pipes in most cases with other types of pipes.

Drip irrigation system pipes at low price

To buy a cheap irrigation system, you must first know the irrigation methods.Polyethylene irrigation pipes are designed for optimal use of water. Below we explain more about this type of poly pipe repair fittings, its features and function. Polyethylene irrigation pipes, known as single-wall pipes, are available in various sizes and operating pressures. These pipes can withstand pressures of between 2 and 3 atmospheres depending on the type of raw material and the thickness of the pipe. Polyethylene irrigation pipes are used for the main and semi-main pipes in the agricultural sector. For high pressure irrigation, high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) and low pressure polyethylene pipe (LDPE) for drip irrigation are used.You can choose from polypipe fittings catalogue.

Estimate price changes of pipe in 2020

Given the increasing use of irrigation pipes, the price of these pipes can be predicted to increase.Given the problem of the water crisis in Iran, as well as population growth and more water consumption, everyone has been thinking of optimal ways to consume water. The highest amount of water consumption is in the agricultural sector and also the highest amount of water loss in this sector. Statistics show that water is wasted in agriculture due to inadequate use of water for irrigation in agricultural lands. In traditional ways, water was not used properly and this method had many shortcomings. With the advent of technology and the introduction of new methods of irrigation, farmers are turning to modern irrigation. In the meantime, the PE pipe has been well positioned in the field of irrigation in agricultural lands and has the highest consumption in the irrigation network.According to the above, the price of these systems is expected to be much higher in 2020 than today.

Price details of piping a building

Building plumbing is one of the issues that come up in the amenities, so people have time to plumb the building to keep water (which is an integral part of human life) always available. . The water and wastewater plumbing in the building may look alike at first glance, but they are quite different in implementation and use and have completely separate calculations and assumptions.The important thing in building plumbing is to do it principally, although today there are many standards for plumbing, each of which sets specific criteria for plumbing, however, this Standards are different. For example, each country introduces a specific set of numbers and standards for plumbing, depending on the speed at which it considers the water in the pipe.The hiring of executives has been very effective. Therefore, due to the characteristics of PE pipe in most current projects, it is attempted to use this product to maximize project efficiency to obtain mutual satisfaction. In addition, Pars Ethylene Kish Complex strives to produce the highest quality polypipe fittings using the highest quality raw materials and the highest quality machinery in line with international standards.

In the last few decades, polyethylene pipes have revolutionized the urban gas industry. Small-scale polyethylene pipes have been used for home gasification in developed countries since the early 1960s. But today, due to advances in the manufacture of polyethylene materials, the use of these types of pipes has expanded significantly, which can be a valid reason for the quality and reliability of PE and PE connections. Today, more than 90% of the pipes installed for the distribution of the natural gas industry in the US and Canada are plastic pipes, 99% of which are polyethylene pipes.Polyethylene pipes have been considered in many countries, such as England, Germany, Austria and Russia, and in all cities and villages that have recently been gasified, all polyethylene pipelines are.

Buy and sell pipes and poly plumbing fittings in wholesale price

Polyethylene pipes have been considered in many countries, such as England, Germany, Austria and Russia, and in all cities and villages that have recently been gasified, all polyethylene pipelines are.Given the aforementioned advantages and the increasing expansion of the gas supply network, it is possible to see a wider use of these pipes in the urban gas supply industry. This is not the case in many cities in the country. The use of such pipes, in addition to its benefits, encourages investors to invest in the manufacture of polyethylene products. Also, by creating added value in the industry, it is possible to use a wide range of domestic forces in its labor market.

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