PP compression fittings Global market

pp compression fittings are very useful in industries and are used in many cases. In Iran, like in many parts of the world, this product is sold in bulk and people can easily own it and in many cases use it.

PP compression fittings Global market

Reason for popularity of pp compression fittings

Reason for popularity of pp compression fittings  Polypropylene compression fittings are made of polypropylene and are available in sizes of 20 mm by 110 mm and are available. Simple and fast without it required glue or solvent welding.

PP compression fittings are a type of fittings using a mechanical connection method. To ensure a complete hydraulic seal in the construction of the pressure distribution, PP compression fittings require physical force to create a seal or balance. In conventional thermal fittings for HDPE pipes, PP compression fittings provide a new installation method that is fast, easy and simple.

PP compression fittings are widely used in water supply and irrigation. Our PP compression fittings are manufactured in accordance with EN 712/713/715/911 standards. ISO 3501/3503/3458/3459. Fittings can be installed on HDPE pipes in accordance with ISO 11922 standards. DIN 8072/8074; UNE 53131. Field versions are manufactured in accordance with ISO 7 standard. DIN 2999.

Among its features and benefits, we can mention the following:

2. Acceptable and anti-UV rays

3. Environmentally friendly

4. Aging

5. Easy to install

6. High temperature

This product is approved for drinking water supply and also does not contain harmful chemicals.

The high quality materials used in it and used in the product have applications in the field of water distribution, irrigation, swimming pools and cable ducts.

This product is fully designed and has a good finish, and is durable for long-term use.

Among its specifications, we can mention the following:

With a sufficient combination of these connections, it is possible to design and press applied lubrication pipes with PE pipes.

It can be used with high-density and low-density PE pipes (from PE32 to PE100).

Push-to-pull compression fittings have many uses, including the following:

  1. Plumbing networks to supply public works.
  2. Plumbing networks for groundwater supply systems in areas or factories.

Global demand for pp compression fittings

Global demand for pp compression fittings  Our PP compression fittings have a black and white polypropylene body that is suitable at high temperatures and has a polyester resin ring (POM) and a blue PP color bead that is suitable against UV rays and system heat. Has. These fittings also use NBR rubber or lip sealing washers based on different connection diameters.

These models of pipes are very practical and because of their great use, they have a lot of fans all over the world. In fact, due to the great popularity of these products, many centers have been created that provide services in this field and make them available to people.

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