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pp fittings are manufactured in two simple (polymer only) and integrated (polymer and metal) models. Polymer fittings for pipe fittings and PP joints and joint fittings The grid connection to other installation systems such as galvanized pipes, meters or valves is used. Polypropylene is a type of high density polymer that belongs to the branch of polyolefins. Polypropylene is suitable for the production of sanitary hot and cold water pipes and fittings. This factory manufactures polypropylene raw material for pipe and fittings according to different standards and in different diameters and is marketed.


Is polypropylene the same as PVC?

Is polypropylene the same as PVC? Many buyers ask if the polypropylene are the same as PVC? The answer is no. The two products differ in the nature and type of raw materials used. But in general, both types of pipes and fittings are recyclable, but pipes are more environmentally friendly. In general, the polypropylene pipe vs pvc is better and more economical. Among the features and advantages of polypropylene pipes are:

  • long life
  • No need for periodic inspections
  • Easy and quick installation and control
  • Suitable for all applications
  • Proper cost
  • Corrosion resistance and leakage removal
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Fulfilling health requirements
  • Lighter and easier to transport
  • flexibility
  • Less sedimentation
  • High chemical and electrical resistance

Polypropylene pipes and fittings are one of the most widely used plastics in the world because of their many applications and reasonable prices. The cascade products are made of high-molecular weight, polypropylene random copolymer, suitable for long-term use at high temperatures, and are manufactured by reputable global companies. The excellent physical and mechanical properties of this material make it suitable for the production of hot and cold water pipes and fittings. These materials do not affect the quality of drinking water and are used in the building’s water supply networks.

What are the disadvantages of polypropylene?

What are the disadvantages of polypropylene? Polypropylene pipes like other pipes have advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages of using these pipes are:

  1. Light and oxygen passage: One of the disadvantages of polypropylene pipes is the passage of light and the penetration of oxygen into the tube. This causes the algae to grow and alter the taste and odor of the water in it. The solution to this problem is to put these pipes in a cover of building materials to prevent them from penetrating.
  2. Sun and UV Resistance: Propylene pipes are not safe from direct sunlight and UV radiation and their chemical chain structure may collapse or become loose over the long term. You can also use insulation, or shade, to address this problem.
  3. Longitudinal expansion: Polypropylene pipes do not have metal layers, unlike metal pipes or 5 layers. This makes their longitudinal expansion in the free state remarkable. Therefore, it is better to attach these pipes to the wall by fasteners or to be covered with cement mortar. Cement mortar reduces the longitudinal expansion of these pipes and prevents thinning.

What is polypropylene pipe used for?

What is polypropylene pipe used for? Among the applications of polypropylene pipe are:

  • Hot and cold water networks for homes and buildings
  • Urban water supply networks
  • Plumbing for central heating and air conditioning
  • Food – chemical and health industries
  • Air networks

These pipes have many features and advantages over other plastic pipes that have many applications. Some of the advantages of this pipe include:

It does not mass, does not rust, does not rot, is highly resistant to acids and bases, does not require insulation, much lighter than metal pipes, lacks internal roughness, resulting in low pressure drop, ease of installation and speed , 20 atmospheric pressure tolerance for cold water of 20 ° C and 10 atmospheres for 70 ° C hot water.

Which is stronger ABS or PVC?

Which is stronger ABS or PVC?Generally speaking, ABC pipes are stronger than PVC pipes, but the differences are:

  •  PVC pipes are more flexible than ABS.
  •  But it can be said that ABS is stronger and more resistant to impact and any pressure.
  • ABS is best for dealing with extremely cold temperatures, but it can be damaged and decayed by direct sunlight.
  • But these two products are about the same price.

The best plumbing systems use ABS pipes specifically for plumbing drainage systems. ABS pipes are superior to PVC pipes in terms of flexibility and extreme heat resistance. Black ABS sewer pipes, which are visible in some piping, are responsible for directing and removing steam from toxic waste and water and sewage piping outdoors.

Wholesale pipe and pipe fittings from the best factories increase customer satisfaction. Because consumers and buyers are often looking for a cheaper, cheaper purchase. There are many ways to buy the cheapest and highest quality types of pipe and fittings, but to buy this product at a reasonable price and be satisfied with the high quality you need to use a method that can There is no middleman selling it. The wholesale purchase of these products from the best factories is not only economically viable but we are fully confident in the quality of the purchased products.

Best raw materials for producing durable pipe fittings

Best raw materials for producing durable pipe fittings  Among the raw materials for producing the best and most durable pipe fittings are:

  • Galvanized steel or iron
  •  Copper
  •  Polybutylene
  •  Non-plastic polyvinyl chloride
  • Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride
  • PE

Standard pipes come in three grades A, B and C, all of which have standard seals and high quality, but are segmented by manufacturer and after-sales service. Grade A tubes have a warranty and are issued upon request. All pipe and fittings manufacturers are required to carry out all quality tests on products so that construction and construction projects are not compromised in the process. The quality of the raw material of the pipe depends on the amount of waste material added to it and the type of material, which is Project and Savik, which are self-colored.

Market data for PP pipes and fittings 2019

Market data for PP pipes and fittings 2019 PP 2019 pipe and fittings market data show that sales of these products in the global market are well advanced. Manufacturing and exporting all kinds of pipes and fittings in many sizes is best done in many pipe companies. Exporting all kinds of pipes and fittings with the best quality is done to other countries, especially the Middle East countries.

Different types of pipes and fittings are used in different fields and are manufactured with different sizes and unique features. Given that these pipes are the most urgent need of all, exporting them to other countries is a good sell. The export of these products has a significant role in the growth of the economy of society.

As manufacturing companies use the best raw materials to produce their products, many buyers have high customer satisfaction levels. As a result, the export of polyethylene pipes is increasing annually.

Where to find raw materials for pp fittings?

Where to find raw materials for pp fittings?To find the raw material for pipe fittings you can go to the manufacturing companies to offer you the best and most quality products at the most reasonable price.  polypropylene pipe suppliers always strive to produce products with the most advanced equipment and the best raw materials to increase customer satisfaction.

There are a large number of standard and high quality broadcasting companies in each country that produce and distribute these products. Many manufacturing companies with a variety of national licenses and international certifications in management and production from Europe and the best quality in production have a great share in the distribution and sales market.

Manufacturers of pipe and fittings are among the companies that have achieved a good position to use standards. These companies are located in different parts of the world and use different strategies to produce and sell these products. These centers have a specified production capacity with standard operating licenses, which supply domestic demand and sometimes market demand of other countries.

The list of authorized manufacturers of pipes and fittings is provided on many sales websites. To buy these products, we suggest you go to the most reputable manufacturers and resellers. These reputable sales centers provide you with the best sales agents with experienced sales agents and identifying the most up-to-date customer needs. The main goal is to get the customer satisfaction from the best quality and affordable.

How to install PP fittings and pipes?

How to install PP fittings and pipes? How to polypropylene pipe installation are:

  1. First of all, you should make the tube head with a completely smooth and free of pusher.
  2. Then the connecting parts should be opened in sequence, in the same order as the deflection first, then the splitter ring, then the bushing and finally the uring on the pipe.
  3. Next, guide the pipe into the body of the joint and push forward and sideways so as to reach the retaining edge of the body. At this point, the spindle drives the rim forward to attach to the bushing, which is easily done by opening the split spit ring.
  4. Finally, wrap the screw head over the connection body to secure it.

Various types of pp fitings in wholesale

Various types of pp fitings in wholesale  Wholesale types of PP fiftings are sold at wholesale prices. Given the growing consumption and production of polypropylene pipes that are used in various industries, especially in hot water production, the purchase of the cheapest pipes and fittings in the marketplace of intellectuals is a concern for many farmers and industry.

This product has a production grade that can be referred to as either grade 1 or grade 2 polystyrene tubing. There are two methods used to connect these tube. Price lists for these pipes can be obtained from reputable sites that supply this product. You can also refer to reputable sales agents for a price query. Pipe buyers believe that the price of this product is more appropriate in the manufacturing companies. The day price of these products is determined by their size and atmosphere; the price of this product depends on the amount of demand and the type of pipe material per day. Wholesale and cheap pipes are sold through dealers in the domestic and foreign markets. These dealers sell different types of pipes at the cost of production, which will greatly reduce people’s costs.

Different models of these pipes can be purchased in the country in many ways, including online and offline purchasing. The prices of pp fiftings are different at different points of sale, which is caused by a variety of economic reasons. The price of this product is very low in wholesale centers. The major price of this product is far lower than its retail price.

Buying this product on the world market is often a large and large volume. The price of these products is generally at a very low level and at the level of the economic potential of the community. Available in the market, different brands and brands of this product. These brands are among the best pipe makers that are generally purchased on the market.

The distribution of pipes in these centers mainly enables the buyers to obtain the product they need with the highest quality and most reasonable price. Major purchases of this product are through reputable stores.

Latest price changes in pp fittings market

Latest price changes in pp fittings market Latest price changes in polypropylene bsp fittings market can be found on reputable sales websites. Many online stores offer up-to-date and hourly prices for these products because they do not have a fixed rate.

The prices of these products are different at different points of sale, which is caused by a variety of economic reasons. The price of this product is very low in wholesale centers. The major price of this product is far lower than its retail price. Check out the latest news on reputable news sites for the latest price.

The prices of these pipes are different at different points of sale and have no fixed price. Tube stocks have different prices because of the unchanged currency and dollar in the country. The price of different types of PPs varies depending on the raw materials used, the size, the type, the manufacturer’s brand and other factors.

People who want to know the price of different types of pipes and fittings can go to different online stores and see the prices of different brands and if they want to buy the best product at the most suitable price. The prices of pipes and fittings are different in different countries and it can be said that Iran apart from having access to abundant raw materials and geographical location for export are in the first rank of the best price and exporter. Depending on the different cases it can be said that the price of these products depends on various parameters such as:

  • Pipe standard
  • Purity of raw materials
  • Type of raw materials
  • transport cost

The price lists of polypropylene hose fittings are not constant and have different prices. Due to market volatility, prices of raw materials are changing day by day. As a result of these fluctuations, the price per pipe increases or decreases. The higher the volume of buyers’ orders, the lower the price of the pipe. In many online stores you can see the price list of fittings from different manufacturers including welding, drip and gas fittings.

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