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Coupling is a device for connecting two shafts in order to transfer power normally. Couplings do not allow the shafts to break apart during operation, although torque limiting couplings can be reached when the torque exceeds a certain level Slip or break. read more about the PVC reducer coupling, reducer coupling pipe fittings, PVC reducer coupling 4 to 3, reducer coupling sizes and reducer bush.

reducer coupling | High quality pipe fittings with low price

how many types of reducer coupling are there?

Clutch or pressure couplings are two pieces that are attached to the two shafts to form a sheath. These couplings are more flexible than the sheath models and can be used for fixed shafts. They are usually large enough that the screw can pass through the entire coupling and enter the second half to ensure safe holding.

Rigid flange couplings are designed for heavy loads or industrial equipment. These couplings consist of short sheaths formed by a perpendicular flange. A coupling is mounted on each shaft and thus two flanges are facing each other. Then a number of bolts or bolts can be installed in the flanges to fit together. Because of their size and durability, flange units can be used to align the shafts before they are connected. Rigid couplings are used when the shaft alignment is required. Shaft malfunctions affect performance as well as coupling life. Example:


The sheath coupling consists of a pipe whose inner diameter is in accordance with the tolerance required by the shaft. Depending on the need and application of the couplings, torque from a thorn and a thorn groove is used within it. To lock the couplings in place, two tape holes are created.

Sheath couplings are also known as box couplings. In this case, the ends of the shafts are coupled together against each other and covered by a sheath. A collapsing thug holds the two shafts together and sheaves together. Sheath couplings are the simplest type of couplings, usually made of cast iron. These couplings consist of a hollow tube piece with an inner diameter equal to the shaft diameter. The pipe is arranged on both ends of the shaft with the help of a cone-shaped submerged spur. Thorns and pods are suitable for transferring power from one shaft to another.


In this type of couplings, the pods are usually made of cast iron and are joined by steel bolts or bolts. One of the benefits of this coupling is that it is easy to mount and disassemble the couplings without moving the shafts. This coupling is used for high power transmission at medium speed.


The conical lock is in the form of a thorn less shaft locking piece that does not require any pieces to be removed from the shaft. The original idea is very similar to the clutch coupling, but closer to the center of the shaft when rotating.

This coupling device, which replaces the conventional parallel spur, eliminates the possibility of movement due to the wear of the spur groove. This piece is much sturdier than the thorn because it only requires one piece to hold and the spin balance itself indicates that it is durable than the thorn joint but more expensive.


The Hirth joint uses conical indentations on the two ends of the shaft, for torque transmission.


Flexible couplings are used to transfer torque from one shaft to another when two shafts are slightly angled. Flexible couplings can accommodate up to 3 degree and slightly parallel alignments. In addition they can be used for vibration attenuation or noise reduction. This coupling protects the shaft parts of the driver against the harmful effects produced by shaft malfunction, sudden force, expansion or shake vibration, and so on.

Stainless Steel Reducer Couplings For Sale

Stainless steel couplings can be made as follows:

  •  Prepare tools for stainless steel cylinders, including electric keys, small electrical cutters (or cutters), and solid connections (screws, nuts, seals, washers, etc.).
  • Stainless steel cutter. Use an electric cutter to cut the cylinder to its proper size and then transfer the stainless steel cylinder to the card slot, preferably with 3 corrugated sections.
  •  Insert stainless steel cylinders with a hammer with a hammer to keep it flat and regular, and then use a pipe card to secure the coil.
  •  Insert a seal ring or gasket into a stainless steel bead to complete the joint.

Price details of pipe factories for fittings

The market of pipe and fittings is one of the most hot and important topics in Iran. Because pipes and fittings are one of the most important factors in construction installations, and basically in Iran everything that is related to construction and its subsidiaries is very important for everyone. Therefore, the pipe and fittings markets is no exception and it is very important for those operating in the field as well as to keep track of the pipe and fittings market daily.

The pipe and fittings market includes:

  • Polyethylene pipes and fittings
  • Propylene pipes and fittings
  • Five layer pipes and fittings
  • Single layer pipes and fittings
  • Manisman metal pipe
  • Seamless and seamless connections
  • Galvanized fittings
  • Sanitary valves
  • Industrial Valves
  •  And….

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Most used pipe fittings around the world

Pipes and fittings are widely used as a basic principle in various industrial and structural projects since they are related to construction and various industries. So the variety of these products is increasing day by day because of their special importance. Here we try to introduce some types of pipes and fittings and their applications in different industries:

  • PE
  • Polypropylene
  • Five layers
  • Phosphate sewage pipe
  • Galvanized fittings

Polyethylene pipes and fittings

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a type of thermoplastic (Thermoplastic: polymers that can be repeatedly melted / solidified) Polyethylene is obtained through the polymerization of ethylene gas. Features of these types of pipes are: low weight, corrosion resistance and high impermeability Pipes are widely used worldwide for the distribution of water and wastewater, and gas, which are known as high pressure lines. Another feature of these pipes is that they are much easier to connect than other pipes Yard.

Polyethylene pipes are divided into several types:

Water supply, gas supply, double wall, spiral pipe, multi layer

Polyethylene fittings in cases such as change of pipeline angle, diameter change, pipe fitting etc. Applies. The features of these fittings are similar to that of their homogeneous tubes, as well as being highly resistant to earthquake vibrations, as well as high flexibility, speed of operation and no need for heavy machinery at run-time.

Polypropylene pipes and fittings

Polypropylene pipes and fittings are widely used in the industry. Their features include light weight, wear and welding resistance, good thermal and electrical insulation as well as chemical resistance. The presence of methyl group in the structure of polypropylene has changed its properties than polyethylene and has better heat insulation. Polypropylene itself is divided into three types of ISO tactic, syntactic, and at-active which have different structures.

Polypropylene pipes are available in two colors, green and white. PP_R white tubes are made of RP3 type 3 polypropylene and look like plastic, they can withstand pressure at 185 degrees Fahrenheit 10 times and pressure at 68 degrees Fahrenheit 20 times. Instead, green pipes are used in thermal installations, food industries, solar heating systems, shipbuilding and more. Its fitting properties are similar to its homogeneous tube. It is used in the applications mentioned for PE connections.

5 layer pipes and fittings

The 5-layer or PEX AL PEX pipes are a new generation of pipes made of metal and polymer, consisting of an aluminum layer, a polymer layer and an adhesive layer, and because of the metal and The polymer used in its structure is more durable and durable than other pipes. The features and applications of these pipes include:

  • Applicable to hot and cold water systems
  • Applicable to heating systems
  • Including flawless pipes in various industries
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Proper insulation
  • Easy installation

These pipe fittings also have the following subdivisions:

  • Percy
  • Copley
  • Columbus

All about pipe fittings and their different kinds

All about pipe fittings and their different kinds The role of pipes and fittings in the construction industry is very important today. The pipes are divided into several categories in terms of connections, sex and application. Types of pipes used in the industry include steel, copper and polymer pipes. The fittings of each of these pipes are different and we will continue to examine them.

Types of pipes used in industry

Different materials are used in pipe making:

Metallic material which is itself divided into ferrous and non-ferrous.

Ferrous materials are also divided into the following sections:

  • Wrought iron
  • Cast iron containing gray cast iron and ductile iron.
  • Steel, which includes carbon steel (carbon steel) and alloy steel.

The non-ferrous material is as follows.

  • Copper and copper alloys such as brass, bronze and admiral alloys.
  • Lead Pipes
  • Aluminum Tubes
  • Supply Pipes (Zinc)

Non-metallic material including:

  • Cement pipes
  • Concrete Pipes
  • Plastic pipes including: poly (p.v.c) and polyethylene (p.e) and polypropylene (p.p)
  • Rubber Pipes
  • Glass Pipes
  • Wood pipes
  • Fiberglass Pipes
  • Clay pipes

Reducing Couplings at Best Price in India

The tubes are designed and manufactured in different types and in different genres, each of which has different applications. In India, many manufacturers have been producing various pipes.

for example:

Reducing Couplings are one of the pipes on the market. They are usually made of steel. In construction piping, hot and cold water pipes are very suitable for galvanized pipes and also for very high use. The best price on galvanized pipes is offered online. These pipes are designed in different sizes.

Best way to buy pipe fittings in bulk cheap

Due to the current technology, many dealers have been established in the big city of Tehran to sell products such as polyethylene fittings at reasonable prices and thus meet the needs of customers in all parts of Iran. Representatives of polyethylene fittings usually have a high diversity in the field of this product and provide them without intermediaries to customers, which would be both more cost-effective for the customer and would increase the production and sales of polyethylene fittings Slow. In addition, some of these centers have consultants who guide the customer when purchasing polyethylene connections so that they can order the required and high quality connections that they need.

What are the most durable types of reducer coupling?

Knowing the design and coupling limitations helps an industrial designer engineer to make decisions easily. Each type of coupling has its limitations, which is why it requires us to choose the right coupling for each system and its specific conditions. Different couplings are suggested for different applications of different industrial systems. For example, if there is severe misalignment in the system, flexible coupling would be the best choice. Because it can compensate for the imbalance, thereby preventing any potential malfunction of the system.

Complex devices are usually not 2% aligned and need to be coupled using couplings. It should be noted that each coupling covers a certain level of deviation, so consider this before choosing a coupling. Pump shaft and motor are crucial. Therefore, it should not be allowed to exceed the permissible degree of mismatch of the selected coupling. This axisymmetric oscillation can cause the coupling to wear out and cause it to collapse earlier. For vertical systems, it is important to evaluate the coupling capabilities used in vertical weight bearing. For this purpose, couplings are added with special materials to withstand the extra load and to prevent excessive strain on the coupling.

Best reducer copuling for high pressure pipes

Couplings are divided into two main types of rigid and flexible couplings according to their structure and components:

The rigid couplings are designed so that they cannot withstand any shaft maladjustment. However, flexible couplings can withstand partially non-axial loads and allow the shafts to move forward and backward in the axial or radial direction. The type of couplings is selected according to their application to the device in question. They also need to be properly adjusted to ensure their useful life and effective power transfer. Otherwise, the bearings or shaft of the car may become damaged and damaged.

In order to transmit power from the drive to the drive by the couplings, both the drive shaft and the drive with acceptable tolerances must be aligned. Therefore, their coupling must be examined before coupling the two shafts by coupling. When for any reason the coupling of the propulsion machine is not aligned in one direction, so-called non-axial or non-axial coupling has occurred. The misalignment usually occurs due to a variety of causes, such as machine foundation displacement, accidental collision of the machine with other parts, thermal expansion, loosening of the retaining nuts, expansion and contraction of the device and the retainers and wires, which reduce the efficiency of the machine, Rapid destruction of car parts, increased energy losses, increased vibrations, bearing warming and many unforeseen crashes.

Are reducers produce by brass around the world?

Coupling tips for proper design include:

  • Torque transmission capacity
  • Minimum and maximum diameter of coupling hole
  • How to install
  • Permissible Noise
  • Maximum speed range allowed
  • Body flexibility
  • Ability to work in environments with high temperature, oil and sufficient torsional rigidity.