Supplier of Drip Irrigation Fittings, Adaptors and Connectors

One of the easiest ways to water any plant such as trees and vines is to use a drip irrigation system. So you need drip irrigation fittings to use this system. The drip irrigation system has certain agronomic, agrotechnical and economic advantages due to the efficient use of water and labor. Drip irrigation reduces the cost of water consumption and the costs to be paid by the worker and is economically viable. Simply buy the best quality drip irrigation equipment for our fields, greenhouses or farmland.

Supplier of Drip Irrigation Fittings, Adaptors and Connectors

How to know the quality of irrigation fittings?

How to know the quality of irrigation fittings? Acid injection into the system to prevent clogged emitters can improve the quality of the joints and prevent clogging.

 In drip irrigation, water is pumped through a low pressure pipe network into a predetermined base and discharged through the driper. Emitters by a narrow nozzle or long flow path reduce the pressure in the pipe network and reduce discharge discharge by up to several liters per hour.

 After the emitter is removed by capillary forces and gravity flows in the soil halfway. Drip irrigation has various methods and concepts such as drip irrigation, in-bed irrigation, fountain irrigation and spray irrigation. It is best to consult with experts in the field of drip irrigation equipment to buy the best equipment to introduce us to the best quality equipment.

Poly pipe irrigation fittings are one of the most widely used fittings in high pressure irrigation in the agricultural industry and are used for sealing and pipe safety, water flow regulation, pipe size change and flow direction change. Drip irrigation fittings include a variety of fasteners, knees, transformers, tees and hoses and are manufactured and used in a variety of sizes and in different thicknesses for a variety of pipe sizes.

Drip irrigation refers to all the ways in which the water is drained with little to about one to ten liters per hour and gently discharged near the plant. For this reason, this method of irrigation is known as low volume irrigation. Drip irrigation is the slow flow of water over the surface or under the soil in the form of separate, continuous droplets, a thin stream or fine spray through droplets located along the water line. Drip irrigation has many methods and concepts such as drip irrigation, in-bed irrigation, fountain irrigation and spray irrigation.

In drip irrigation, water is distributed in a pipe system in the field, and the mechanical device or device from which water is sent out to the plant is called the outlet or driper. The outflow of water from the emitter can be in the form of a drop, a bubble or a continuous small stream. Even the player can be a very small sprayer.

Stainless steel drip irrigation fittings on sale

There are many types of steel joints in the steel industry, each of which is used for a particular performance. If you have experience and experience in the steel classroom, you are probably familiar with these connections.

Fittings play a major role in the industry. In any factory pipes, if there is no steel or other metal connections, we cannot run many piping systems in relation to pipes and sheets or even steel valves in a straight line, let alone a complicated piping system. .

Major selling of drip system components and poly pipe fittings is very popular worldwide, due to the immense applications these products have in our daily lives. That is why the companies that manufacture these products for the pipe and its fittings have set a special price for high volume purchases, and those who buy these products benefit greatly from lower prices. 

If you are a major buyer of pipes and fittings in Tehran, you can visit the Pipe Sales Center in this city to see numerous types of these products and then depending on the performance you expect from one of the different types. Buy it and use it.

Types of pipes commonly used in urban systems and materials transfer are:

  • Poly pipe
  • Plika tube
  • PVC pipe

Customers buy pipe and fittings of different materials according to their needs.

For example, in agricultural systems where water is transported through pipes, poly pipes are very suitable, and 4mm micro irrigation fittings and 12 inch drip irrigation fittings can provide the best performance for farmers.

The strength of these pipes is so high that water can easily pass through any type of pressure, ensuring that no damage to the structure and body of the pipes is made.

How to get more discounts while buying irrigation fittings?

How to get more discounts while buying irrigation fittings? The price of irrigation fittings, including poly pipe fittings, is generally much more favorable than partial purchase, which means that you can buy irrigation fittings at a much lower price.

poly tubing fittings have a variety of uses and are used in cases such as line redirection and so on. Nowadays, these high-end fittings are sold in many centers where customers can buy them at the lowest prices and quality from the same center, and offer different types of poly fittings in different sizes and models for different needs and applications. Order.

Fortunately, there are various factories in our country that have been providing our countrymen with the most quality products for many years. However in order to know the best brand for wholesale pipe and fittings in Iran and then make a purchase, you can consult with experts and consultants and then buy this according to your need. Make a product.

One of the most important systems that use pipes and fittings is the urban and rural water supply systems, which is why buyers of these products are always looking to buy all kinds of pipes and fittings that are sold at factory door prices. Are provided.

It is important to note that these factories design and manufacture their products according to the needs of their customers; one of the important features of these factories is a powerful quality control system that is obsessed with all, Examine the manufactured products and then provide them to our customers, and this has made many of those who use pipes and fittings manufactured in our domestic factories very satisfied with these products.

Poly fittings are of different types and will be widely used in gas and water supply projects, which has increased the sales of this product day by day and increased customer demand.

These joints are usually attached to a poly pipe and each is used at a particular time, depending on their application. Because, poly fittings can do their job properly and have high resistance to pressure and impact.

For this reason, various malls and stores provide customers with online and offline connections so that they can make the most of their purchase.

Comperssion & Barbed Fittings with Affordable Prices

comperssion and barbed fittings with affordable prices are sold cheaply through this site.

There is a wide variety of fittings that can be manufactured in different sizes, each of which is used for parts such as sewage, irrigation and so on.

For example, pipe and drip system parts are one of the products in this field that have many advantages and can be used in various sectors due to their high strength and durability and are one of the best-selling examples in the market.

Today, most fitting customers are trying to make this product top quality and cheaper. So, this requires tips on how to order the best fittings to make the best use of it.

Tips to consider when buying connections include:

  • A top-notch connection should have smooth surfaces and have high flexibility.
  • Resist to any impact, pressure and….
  • It has anti-rust properties.
  • It is resistant to chemicals and should not be damaged early.
  • Good price and high quality.

So, if you want a high quality of this product and want to know the fittings before buying, contact this reputable store.

These fittings are sold in many centers, each offering different prices, and customers can choose and purchase it according to their budget.

So, now you can contact the consultants to get your desired size from these connections to get you the desired product in great quality and price.

Best Micro fittings & tubes for drip systems

Best Micro fittings & tubes for drip systems Due to up-to-date technology, many dealers have been established in the big city of Tehran to sell products such as the best types of micro fittings and tubes for drip systems and thus meet the needs of customers in all parts of Iran.

 Fittings are used for fluid transfer in industrial projects and power plants. Iran can be considered the hub for the sale of pipe fittings, parts and equipment such as irrigation hole punch  and irrigation … in the country that has contributed to the prosperity of this industry by producing quality. As we know, different types of fittings are also used in industries.

Sellers offer all kinds of fittings and equipment at very reasonable prices. These sellers are promoting their products through advertising and marketing on websites and social networks.

Iran has one of the largest connectivity markets in the world and many people come to buy every year. The price list for connections can be obtained directly from online sites without any intermediary.

Fittings dealers usually have a wide variety of products and provide customers without intermediaries, which will be more cost-effective for the customer as well as increase production and sales of fittings.

In addition, some of these centers have consultants who guide the customer when buying connections so that they can order the required and high quality connections that they need.

What is the best plastic irrigation fitting?

The best plastic and polymer pipe fittings are used in various industries and in addition have many benefits that we will consider below.

Plastic pipe structure

Plastic tubes are made of organic polymers, which behave differently against heat:

1. Thermoplastics: They are often solid at ambient temperature and become soft and ductile with increasing heat. Many plastic pipe materials include polypropylene (P.P), PVC, polyethylene (PE), thermoplastic. Thermoplastics can be reheated and re-heated.

2- Thermosets: They become soft and formable with increasing heat. They become solid again and harden, but the thermostats cannot be reheated and transformed into other forms. In fact, they are immutable.

Advantages of plastic or polymer tubes

The properties of plastic pipes depend on the operating conditions, service specifications and fluid used in the raw material. In general, their most important properties are:

• Resistance to wear and corrosion

In general, plastics and therefore pipes made of it have good resistance to corrosive liquids and gases such as acids and salt solutions, etc. However, this resistance is directly related to the concentration of corrosive materials, temperature and pipe used. Slaves and the type of these fluids. For example, polyethylene pipes can transfer 70% sulfuric acid at 23 ° C.

• Smooth interior wall

Other properties of plastic tubes are their smooth inner wall, which allows them to have low deposition and to avoid the problem of clogging, blockage and pressure drop. These problems are common in metal pipes, which also cause the rust and taste of liquids inside the pipe.

• Heat insufficiency

As you know, the heat transfer capability of the plastic pipes is very low, which minimizes the heat loss, but it is worth noting that the high expansion coefficient of the plastic pipes is one of the disadvantages of these pipes. . For example, PVC pipes expand at least five times the size of the steel, causing it to twist along the path that needs to be considered, and consider the necessary arrangements, for example, to extend it further. It requires cost. Plastic pipe tolerances vary between 50 and 150 ° C depending on their type.

Wholesale market of drip irrigation fittings in the world

Wholesale market of drip irrigation fittings in the world The wholesale market of drip irrigation fittings in the world has a significant sales boom as it has far more advantages than other types of pipe fittings.

 It is worth noting that manufacturers and suppliers of this widely used product offer excellent and affordable prices to their major buyers in order to satisfy them as much as possible.

If you are not an end consumer, you can buy these products in bulk by going online or offline, which again will significantly reduce the final price of the product.

Kilo-resellers of these products can contract their factories to buy their products directly and at a lower price than their primary customers, and sell them to the end-user at a factory price. They sell.

This will also increase the purchasing power of the people, and they can buy more safely and help the economy of our country by reducing the hand of brokers and intermediaries.

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