t pe joint pipe | Polyethylene Coupling Fittings On Sale

What is Polyethylene Coupling Fittings? For the best price of PE pipe in Tehran, you can visit reputable websites as well as PE pipe shop in Tehran. At most reputable online stores, the most up-to-date prices are usually available and affordable. These sites are very suitable for people who have little time or live in the city. Polyethylene pipe shop in Tehran is the center that provides the most complete and varied types of polyethylene pipe and fittings to meet the needs of customers. You can contact our sales consultants to purchase this product and advice as well as to get the price of Tehran Polyethylene Pipe. In this article read about pe pipe fittings, pe pipe fittings catalogue, hdpe fittings, polyethylene well pipe fittings and pe gas pipe fittings.

t pe joint pipe | Polyethylene Coupling Fittings On Sale

How HDPE pipes are joined?

How HDPE pipes are joined?Polyethylene fittings by heat welding or mechanical fittings

Since polyethylene is a thermoplastic material, polyethylene pipes and fittings can be produced simultaneously using heat and pressure, and by using heat-welding processes at temperatures above the melting point of contact surfaces, polyethylene pipes can be made to It constantly boils. Polyethylene pipes or joints are welded together with heat welding or mechanical joints. Polyethylene pipes can be connected to other pipes using pressure connections, flanges, etc. The user has a variety of connections to choose from. Each of these connections has its own advantages and disadvantages in the particular connection conditions that the user faces.

When connecting polyethylene pipes to fittings, it is important to first determine the standard fittings and connections, then use standard fittings to connect, and finally the method of connection by the contractors is correct. The equipment used to perform the welding process must be specially designed to work with the pipe and the welding instructions. In addition, equipment must be well maintained and capable of operating in accordance with the technical specifications stated.

PE pipe connection by butt welding or BUTT WELD method

This type of PE pipe connection is also called thermal bonding in which the two ends of the PE pipe are heated simultaneously before bonding. During the heating and cooling phase, the timing and mechanical parameters of the PE pipe must be observed.

Electrofusion boiling

Electrofusion welding differs from heat fusion fusion. The main difference is in the method of heating the junction. In the fusion welding method, heat is one of the thermal tools for heating the joint. In the fusion welding method, heat tools are used to heat the pipe surface and PE connections, but in electrophysical welding heat is generated by electric current inside. In polyethylene pipes, the welding resistance created by the electro-fusion method is higher than that of the weld.

Electrofusion welding is a type of welding of polyethylene pipes and fittings in which special joints with electrical resistance wire are used to create the heat of melting of the welding surfaces. The electric current is transmitted to the two ends of the connector by means of an electro fusion welding machine and by means of a control box. Like heat-melting welding methods, different types of saddle and socket joints are also used in the electrofusion method. The principles of the electrofusion process are uniform and generalizable to most electrofusion joints.

PE pipe connection by extrusion welding

This method is usually used to connect polyethylene pipes larger than 5 mm in size, to attach polyethylene pipes to humans and to make hand-made joints.

First, the double-sided edges or polyethylene pipes and fittings are heated by a hair dryer, then injected into the edges with a hand-held extruder for polyethylene fuels, feeding the material in a wire-like manner with the help of a special spatula. In this method the skill and accuracy of the welder is important.

Extruder welding is the best method for sealing polyethylene pipes in terms of sealing and mechanical strength, but it is longer than other methods and does not apply to small diameter PE pipes.

Thread connections

Threaded fittings are used for small tubes (one eighth to five inches in diameter). The thread is available in tubes up to 5 inches nominal diameter. There’s also a larger thread cut, but it works with gear conversion and requires a lot of manpower. Since the yarn fittings are by machine or by hand. Manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed carefully. 

Popular uses of PE pipes

Popular uses of PE pipes Due to its unique characteristics, polyethylene pipes are widely used in large-scale industrial fluid transfer projects that can distinguish them from other pipes. These types of PE pipes are nowadays a good choice for water, municipal and industrial wastewater, gas transmission pipe.

Other PE applications:

  • Transmission lines for petroleum products
  • Fluid lines in factory processes
  • Cold water lines for industrial units (refineries, petrochemical plants and power plants)
  • Firefighting Networks – Fire Pipes
  • High pressure lines
  • Industrial sewage lines
  • PE pipe in agriculture
  • Water distribution network
  • High hard water transmission lines and seawater transmission
  • High pressure water injection lines
  • Dredging the pipe
  • Fish breeding cage
  • Air Conditioning Lines 

all about pipes and their different coupling fittings

all about pipes and their different coupling fittings Tubes can be of different types in terms of sex, use and fitness.

The pipes used in the water supply and sewage systems are as follows.

Galvanized Pipes:

Galvanized steel pipes are divided into two categories: galvanized steel pipes and galvanized iron pipes These two types are known in the market as white iron pipes and generally do not differ between the two, with galvanized steel pipes being the type. Its iron is lighter and shiny.

1. Galvanized steel pipes:

These pipes are sometimes used to drain small sanitation but are primarily used for ventilation. The pipes are made of soft stainless steel, where they are welded to a steel plate by pressing into the die and then sealed to increase the resistance to acids and rust in a galvanized tub. These pipes are less resistant to acids than ferrous metals, and all harmful acids for cast iron are also made from galvanized steel.

2. Galvanized iron pipes:

The pipes are made of white iron that are welded together by seam welding and then immersed in molten metal. That’s why they are also called integrated pipes. These tubes are known for their dark gray color and are generally produced in both light and medium form.

Cast iron pipes:

These pipes are made of cast iron and vary depending on their application, type and amount of alloy, shape and length of fittings and are often used in sewage systems.

Plastic Pipes:

  • Plastic pipes used in water and wastewater installations include:
  • PVC Plastic Pipes (PVC – Poly & Nile Chloride Stands)
  • Plastic pipes (PE stands for polyethylene)
  • ABS plastic tubes (acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene)
  • PP plastic pipes (polypropylene stands)
  • CPVC Plastic Tube (stands for Poly Chloride and Nile Chloride)
  • PB Plastic Pipes (Polyethylene Booths)

Five layer pipes:

Corrosion and deposition in metal pipes can cause damage to the piping. Many efforts have been made to solve this problem. Various alloys have been used in solutions that have been used to increase corrosion resistance of metals without definitive response to the problem.

Another way to prevent problems with metal pipes is to use polymer pipes, but the use of these pipes has shown in practice that although replacing metal with plastic solves the problem of corrosion and decay, it causes another to exist. It didn’t, like the release of oxygen. , Pressure or temperature tolerance, high expansion coefficient and so on.

Find best suppliers of pipes and fittings in middle east

Find best suppliers of pipes and fittings in middle east You may remember the question of what is the best PE re-seller that offers products at reasonable prices and excellent quality? The pipe is currently manufactured worldwide and Iran is one of the manufacturers. Products manufactured in Iran are of high quality and are sometimes exported to other parts of the world. Cities such as Tehran PE pipe, Isfahan PE pipe, Shiraz PE pipe, Shahrekord PE pipe, Yazd PE pipe and so on are now producing this product. PE is currently available nationwide, but there may be no active and reputable sales centers in some cities and towns. One of the best polyethylene pipe and fittings markets in Tehran is this site that offers customers this product in various sizes and without limit at an exceptional price. Just contact your sales manager to submit your order.

Largest pipes and fitting importing countries in the world

Largest pipes and fitting importing countries in the worldImporting and exporting polyethylene pipes to the countries of the region and beyond are our medium-term goals and from the very beginning we have been producing high quality products with the highest standard. Our company has imported the most modern and production machinery from Germany (PE Pipeline) to manufacture PE pipe and fittings and has updated its machinery at any particular time. Exporting a route has been very difficult and still is.

Identification quality of PE pipe fittings

Identification quality of PE pipe fittings Due to the many benefits that have been said for years for the use of PE pipes in irrigation, these pipes have been used in agriculture for many years. How much irrigated land and farmland because the country’s water resources are severely endangered and dramatically reduced. As you know, the old agricultural water supply systems had some problems that caused a lot of wasted water. For example, water that passes through pipes to irrigate agricultural fields drains out of the pipes and agricultural lands are not properly irrigated. To solve such problems, polyethylene pipes were designed and manufactured for irrigation. Fortunately, the use of these durable plastic pipes saves water consumption while also providing more complete and useful water to the plants. It is good to know that the main feature of the PE agricultural water supply is the blue strip on the outer wall of the pipe. Polyethylene pipe has many features compared to other pipes available in the Iranian market:

  • Cheap PE pipe compared to other pipes
  • Polyethylene pipes have no effect on water and liquids
  • The ability to sweep a large portion of the yarn, which increases the speed of installation, requires fewer connections
  • The inner surface of the polyethylene pipe is smooth and polished and the deposition in this type of pipe is very low.
  • Impact-resistant, corrosion, rot, abrasion, cracking
  • High flexibility
  • Long and long life

Compression fittings for polyethylene pipes

Compression fittings for polyethylene pipesDue to its special features, these types of pipes are very effective if used correctly, and can be used for many years. As mentioned, the PE pipes are very flexible and can bend up to 5 times the diameter of the pipe. Usually, it is not very suitable in areas where the land recedes or landslides and is not fixed. In these types of soils other pipes may be slightly damaged or broken, but these pipes can be used without any changes. This pipe is connectable with a variety of connections. These connections are very durable and often have no problem with this.

Newest technologies for producing pe pipes and fittings

Newest technologies for producing pe pipes and fittings The production of high-tech polyethylene pipes of various sizes eliminates the need for precise pipe selection. Agencies and factories supply PE in various ways throughout the country and can be purchased in all provinces and cities of Iran. Iran is one of the manufacturers of polyethylene pipes in the Middle East that has exported some of its products so that some neighboring countries are the best foreign customers for these pipes. Neighboring countries with a common border with Iran and the Gulf states are among the buyers of manufactured pipes in Iran.

Best and safest pipes for drinking water

Best and safest pipes for drinking water The five-layer pipe is one of the most widely used construction pipes that can be used for a variety of purposes. Note that these pipes are not only used in homes or buildings. But given the widespread use of pipes in buildings, what has been the focus of buyers these days is their use in residential and construction activities.

5 layer pipe can be used in different conditions. But their most important uses, which generally relate to buildings, are:

  • Using a five-layer pipe for the use of potable or hygienic water systems in residential or commercial buildings
  • Using a five-layer pipe to set up a floor heating system for homes and greenhouses is very popular these days.

Pneumatic plumbing fittings at cheapest price

Pneumatic plumbing fittings at cheapest price Joints are used to attach pneumatic hoses to each other or to machines and machines. These joints are designed to work up to 24 times their working pressure. Due to its easy and fast use, it distinguishes them from other connections. The body of the pneumatic joints is made of PBT and their ribs are made of brass and usually the metal part is coated with zinc or nickel and hardened. NBR drills are used to prevent leaks inside this connection. These joints include direct connection, knee rotation, three-way center gear, focal point control and more. The ribs of these joints are typically BSPT, BSP, NPT and METRIC. They are used in pneumatic devices, inflation, compressors, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, pneumatic services, pneumatic jacks and so on.

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