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Pipe fittings are products that are used to install pipes in water, sewage and gas piping systems, and if the fittings are not fitted, there is virtually no plumbing work to be done. Because they can connect different parts and shapes of the tubes, and they can also be reshaped or shortened. In fact, fittings are an integral part of the pipe work. Fittings or joints are available in different shapes and sizes and are used in different parts of the piping system depending on their gender and shape. t pe Pipe fittings are one of the most widely used equipment in various industries and are therefore sold in many retail outlets at reasonable prices.


How do you connect different size PVC pipes?

PVC pipes may have conical pipes or hub pipes or sliding end pipes. The hub end of these pipes attach to the sliding end. The PVC pipe has a hinged end and must be attached to the sliding pipes at both ends. PVC pipes are welded to the PVC pipe using PVC cement. PVC cement resembles adhesive, but actually melts the plastic, thereby creating a weld between the PVC pipe and a suitable material. these products are made by high pressure injection molding.

In contrast to continuous extrusion, molding is a repetitive cyclic process. PVC materials, either in powder form or in granular form, are fed into the barrel and reciprocating screw, using a surface gravity, from a hopper at the top of the injection unit.

The barrel is charged by a rotating screw with the required amount of plastic, and these plastic materials move to the front of the barrel as the screw moves. The screw position is set to a preset shot size. During this operation, the pressure and heat “plasticize” the material that is currently in the melting state and await injection into the mold. This all happens during the previous shot cooling. After a predetermined time, the mold will open and connections that are completed in the mold will be removed from the mold.

The mold is then closed and the high-pressure melted plastic is injected into the barrel by a screw that now acts as a piston. Then the plastic enters the mold to form the next shape. After the injection, the recharge begins as the mold fittings pass through the cooling cycle.

You can connect PVC pipes of different sizes by using pipe fittings of different sizes and fits.  PVC pipes are commonly used in irrigation systems. These products have end connections that are ideal for tight sealing. Their teeth mean they don’t need any kind of adhesive, and they have an NSF certificate for use in drinking water cases.

HDPE Polyethylene Pipe Fittings With good prices

HDPE polyethylene pipe fittings are available at many reputable dealers at reasonable prices. One of the best ways to buy this product is to shop online. Buying from the online store is very easy and convenient.

All pipe and fittings products sold in online stores are of high quality and reputable brands at competitive prices.Experience a convenient and secure purchase for all types of pipe and fittings products by shopping online. If you do not have enough information when buying these pipes, this can be difficult for you. These products have significant applications in various agricultural, industrial, residential sectors.  Therefore, the diversity of the pipes is high and this diversity may confuse you. If you know the features of the product you are looking for, you can buy the best and most economical pipe for your projects, saving you considerable cost.

These pipes have many applications in petroleum, petrochemical, power, water and wastewater projects and many projects in the industrial and installation sectors. The great advantages of the pipes and the improvement of the quality and properties of these pipes have made these products quickly find their place in the market and replace the other pipes.

The use of these pipes has grown substantially because of its ease of use, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness compared to other types of pipes, and this trend has progressed with the application of state-of-the-art technology in production lines and raw materials production. to be continued.

Buying these pipes online is a lot easier if you have a reputable website with a track record. The types of pipes offered on the websites of reputable, standard factories and quality control certifications are required. By purchasing tubes online from reputable websites you can get enough information about product details and features and compare them with other products.

Differences between pe and pvc pipes

Differences between pe and pvc pipes are:

  •  PVC pipe is a cheap and durable vinyl polymer used in construction projects. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polyethylene made from petroleum.
  • PVC pipe is the third most widely used plastic, while PE is the most widely used type of plastic.
  • PVC is inorganic while PE is semi-crystalline.
  •  Both are strong and durable, but their strengths are different and have different applications. PVC is heavier and stronger, while HDPE is harder and more resistant to heat and wear.
  •  PE pipes are more suitable for use in underground piping, as they are exposed to waves that affect the system, modulate shocks and absorb them, while PVC does not. .
  •  Suitable for lower pressure installations, while PVC is better for non-buried direct installations.

PE pipes are more suitable for use in underground piping, hdpe pipe specifications  are exposed to waves that affect the system, modulate shocks and absorb them. They also have the most durable type of fittings and are also highly resistant to abrasion and heat.

PVC is a cheap, durable vinyl polymer used in construction projects. It is the third plastic widely used after polyethylene and polypropylene and widely used in pipe manufacturing. It is lightweight and high strength and has a high popularity in underground and underground piping applications. Due to its high strength, it is very suitable for use in direct and unplaced installations.

Best way to identifty quality of t pipes

The best T pipes are of the highest quality, made by the most up-to-date raw materials made by the most up-to-date machinery in the world and conform to the latest domestic and foreign standards. Features of quality and original pipes include:

  • T pipes are highly resistant to corrosion. That is, electrochemical interactions do not occur, and neither acid nor salt can interfere with their inner surface.
  • These pipes are resistant to almost any chemical in a residential home and range from industrial chemicals to temperatures of one hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Impact Resistance and Tensile Strength Another unique feature is the quality of the pipe.
  • high volume tapping tee, Other features of a quality pipe.
  • Heat insulation along with low coefficient of friction are both important considerations.

What are the best fittings for t pipes?

T pipe fittings are prone to failure due to expansion and contraction or vibration in the pipelines. In pipelines located outside, there is a high risk of moisture entering the porous joints. For insulation of pipe joints, T joints, we recommend to use thermal insulation used in pipe insulation and insulation thickness in these joints to be the same as pipe insulation thickness. In piping systems it is sometimes necessary to change the direction of the pipes. A variety of T pipe fittings can be used for this purpose. These products are divided into three categories by application type:

• T converter fifting: These types of pipes are used to redirect pipes of different diameters.

• 90-degree T pipes: Used to change the direction of the tubes by 90 degrees.

• 45 Degree T pipes: If you want to divert the piping path to 45 degrees, we use hdpe 45 degree bend. In this type of these product, the degree of clamping of the tube is much lower than that of the 90 degree. Therefore, it is better to use this type of fittings more in plumbing systems.

If you’ve been to the market for pipe and fittings, you’ve probably come across different types of fittings with different brands and genders. This may confuse you. Therefore, it is best to consider the following points before buying construction fittings.

Consult an experienced construction engineer and plumber before buying. A skilled plumber can easily tell you what kind of connections you need. Selecting the type of fittings is very effective in increasing the quality of the plumbing.

Never pay more attention to the quality of the product. Especially for building plumbing. Because plumbing repairs to buildings are very costly and expensive. So, by choosing quality pipes and fittings, you can enjoy the years of building plumbing for years to come. It is best to use reputable stores to buy pipes and fittings because their products are usually of high quality and you can safely buy them.

Iranian best pe pipe producers in last 3 years

The best Iranian pe pipe manufacturers in the last 3 years have been able to produce the best product in the field of all kinds of fittings and export them to other countries at a reasonable price.

Many of these top manufacturers have resellers all over the world that have to respond to customer needs by introducing the best quality products. They must be customer-oriented and make customer respect their top priority. A reputable Pipe & Fittings Agent should value customer time and consider delivering the best and most standardized products. They need to be fully aware of the needs of their customers in order to offer them the right products.

Many of these centers have launched a website and an online shop for pipe and fittings to facilitate customers’ choice and purchase of various pipes and fittings. With a long and brilliant track record in pipe and fittings sales, these manufacturers have set up a pipe and fittings store with the aim of serving customers worldwide and raising the quality of customer service. The store offers a variety of products in various fields such as water and sanitation, industry, agriculture, electricity, buildings. These top Iranian manufacturers have specific goals and objectives:

  • Alliance of PVC Pipe and Fittings Manufacturers in Iran
  • Promoting common industry goals that are customer satisfaction and product delivery tailored to consumer needs
  • Communicate with other plastic pipe associations around the world and exchange knowledge and information to enhance the association’s business activities.
  • Improve the quality and develop standards for pvc pipes and fittings
  •   Learn how to produce high quality product, implement standards and deliver product tailored to the needs of consumers

Great sales of pe pipe

The excellent sales of the pe pipe have a lot of popularity around the world markets as people are often looking for more affordable products. The day-to-day price lists for all types of pipes and fittings  for example hdpe pipe flange connections are listed in many online stores, and because prices are not stable due to inflation in the market, prices are constantly updated in many online stores.

Different people look for the day price list for pipe and fittings for example hdpe pipe prices when they want to buy pipe and fittings for their projects, believing that such a table exists if the factories want the pipe and fittings day price list. When it comes to preparing and publishing every day, they will face a very difficult and complicated task. To obtain the price of pipes and fittings, we need to calculate and aggregate the prices of raw materials used, together with the coefficients of production, shipping costs and other costs.

But because the prices of raw materials used in different pipes and fittings are fluctuating, so a fixed number cannot be calculated for a long time because the prices of raw materials are constantly changing due to currency fluctuations and no relative stability There is no pipe and fittings available for the day price.

Pipes and fittings are important because they are widely used in many industries. If you want to buy quality and affordable pipes and fittings, you should consider a number of tips and tips. These tips will help you make the best choice for your projects. Buying pipes and fittings is not an easy task and you may find yourself unfamiliar when shopping.

If you find a supplier of quality and suitable pipe and fitting products whose products have standard badges and other quality control certificates then you can safely purchase from the supplier. To purchase a variety of connections you should note the following:

  • When shopping, be sure to ask the seller for the complete specifications of the pipe and fittings.
  • The pipes must have the name of the factory that produced them, along with the identification code, production line number and date of manufacture.
  • Also, the amount of pressure that the pipes can withstand must be determined.
  • If the pipe does not have the specifications listed above, avoid buying it.