Reliable Supplier & Exporter of PE Pipe Fittings in Iran

an pe pipe fittings can be purchased directly and indirectly from the wholesaler of PE Pipe fittings. The advantage of this method is that the price of the product is reasonable and that the product is quality assured. There is also a wide variety of PE Pipe joints available.

Reliable Supplier & Exporter of PE Pipe Fittings in Iran

Differences between PE and PP fittings

Differences between PE and PP fittings PE – (Polyethylene) Pipes: These pipes are dark or black in color. Polyethylene pipes are resistant to pressure caused by fluid. Coupling of PE PE tubes is performed by the method of bonding heat and welding to the head. PE pipes are used in the municipal water distribution network due to high pressure tolerance.

PP – (Polypropylene) Pipes: These pipes are available in white or green color and because of their unique properties in water supply of small systems and in sewage. PP pipes are high fluid pressure resistant and have a large temperature range (0 to 5 ° C), which is why they are used in both hot and cold water systems.

Each of these tubes has the following advantages: Benefits of Pipes and Fittings


  • Galvanic corrosion resistance, caries, abrasion and impact and caries
  • Excellent resistance to earthquakes and landslides
  • High resistance to ultraviolet rays of the sun
  • Very tight, leak-free, yet flexible connection
  • Light weight
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Suitable for shrinkage, flexibility and hydraulic performance

Polypropylene :

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Resistant to cold and hot sewage
  • Resistant to frost and impact
  • Polished surface with minimal sedimentation
  • Lightness and ease of transportation
  • Speed ​​of operation in installation

Iranian Pe pipes and fittings with good qualities

types of pipe fittings on our site is very durable and meets all the standards of pipe manufacturing. Stay tuned for information on the price of PE pipe fittings. One of the unique and unique features of PE pipe is that it is highly resistant to chemicals and can withstand volume. It goes through a lot of chemicals. No harm or problem. Another great and positive feature of PE is that it does not rust and has There is a lot of resistance in this regard.

The excellent quality of a PE pipe is not a simple matter.Rather, it is the result of the efforts of the manufacturing units that have been working around the clock for many years and have unique experiences in this field. The PEs have an average of 50 to 100 years of useful life and so you can Use polyethylene pipe for this period of time. You should consider when purchasing various issues such as the manufacturer of the product, the type of raw materials used, the machinery by which the plastic pipe adapter is manufactured. Make the most of the PE pipe.

Features of PE pipe:

• Extreme resistance to hardness

• Seismic resistance

• Smooth inner surface

• Heat resistance

If you want to buy high quality polyethylene pipe and you want to use it for a long time and for various purposes and its durability is very important to you, join us on this site. We have used the best and most excellent polyethylene pipe to give your loved ones. You can use it too. We suggest you spend some time buying and using polyethylene pipe. Search and research the ethylene you want on the Internet. Identify the best polyethylene pipe and then buy it Iodine.

Pipe-to-Pipe Adapters with affordable prices

Pipe-to-Pipe Adapters with affordable prices Find the price of PE pipe on this site. female adaptor pipes manufactured in our company meet the best and highest quality standards worldwide and you can order them safely. Polyethylene pipes are one of the products sold in our store and have It is unique. It is highly resistant to hardness and pressure and is not easily damaged and can be very flexible against any accident and therefore today for various industries from Polyethylene pipes are used and it has been able to replace old pipes in different industries.

Iran is one of the leading countries in the field of production of polyethylene pipes. Accordingly, the purchase price of polyethylene pipes in general can be quite reasonable. On the other hand, polyethylene pipes are among the products that are available in many Countries of the world are produced. Hence, imported samples are used for specific purposes. Pricing standards are another important feature that all purchasing factors are adjusted accordingly. The appropriateness of purchasing polyethylene pipes compared to other products is an important point to note. The pipe fittings chart is widely represented in the sales of irrigation and construction products and tools in the country.

Reseller sales will be a premium reference for all buyers in the country.

Because this reference has numerous points for immediate purchase.

Points like:

• Competitive purchase price in the market

• Excellent quality of products

• Possibility of bulk purchase without restriction

• Quality assurance of products

• Purchase the necessary consulting services

The price of PE will be mainly suitable for any applicant. These prices will generally be competitive to eliminate intermediaries and create a platform for direct sales. What do you know about the price of PE? And how do you know the production of this product in the country? What are the factors related to the quality of the PE pipe? The purchase price of each product in the industrial sector depends on many different factors. And the impact of some pricing can create specific buying conditions for applicants.

Distributors and dealers of Pe pipe fittings

The production of polypropylene pipes and fittings in Iran has a long history. In addition to supplying domestic demand, our country also exports these products to many other countries.Polypropylene pipes are manufactured with the aim of supplying these products with high quality domestically.

Many of these products are exported overseas annually in addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market. The reasons for the widespread use of pvc pipe adapters and fittings can be attributed to the characteristics of these pipe connectors and their advantages over similar metal, cast iron pipes. Here are some of these features:

  • No sedimentation
  • Resistance to heat, impact and acidic or game materials
  • Full flow of water due to smooth and smooth inner surface
  • Unable to leak
  • Being non-toxic

Did you know that buying polypropylene pipes and fittings does not require you to be confused with downtime and cost in the city? There are centers that offer these products online. It is enough to browse their sites and find enough information about these products, select the desired size and size of your product and order registration. This will save you time and money and make your shopping enjoyable.

The pipe can be ordered in several ways. The important thing in ordering a cheap and affordable purchase is that it is especially considered in general purchases. The bulk of this commodity is provided by construction contractors and those involved in building construction units. The bulk order for these groups is the best they can use. This will reduce additional costs such as shipping and shipping costs and reduce the cost of the finished product. Direct shipping to the manufacturer is another way to get a cheap purchase.

In this type of purchase, because of the direct purchase and lack of sales intermediaries, the desired product can be purchased at a very different price from the market.Manufacturers of pipes in Tehran allow it to be shipped across Iran using distribution and distribution methods. Direct marketing is a method that requires less marketing and reduces final costs.

The important point is that through the placement of various ads, buyers and applicants are aware of the direct delivery and timing of these items. Delivery and delivery systems and networks deliver on-time delivery to each area as needed and order, so different cities can purchase and purchase these items in a very short period of time. Related to it are the main building components, which is an active manufacturer in the industry. Examples of different products of this brand are now widely used not only in construction but also in other industries.

Shopping center of pe and pp pipe fittings in Iran

Shopping center of pe and pp pipe fittings in Iran Our online store is ready to provide services to your loved ones by direct cash sale of all kinds of PE pipe fittings. The polyethylene pipes in our shop are excellent and high quality. Polyethylene pipes have a longer shelf life than the old pipes. And the cost of maintaining them is much lower than the old pipes. These pipes are widely used in many industries today and are widely used. Polyethylene pipes do not leak when fitting. They act perfectly in this case. High quality raw materials are produced. The devices that produce these pipes can also play a very important role in its quality. So that the pipe can have a perfectly flat surface and one hand after manufacture.

We are very pleased that the tubes we have provided on this site are of high quality. They are used in producing excellent quality raw materials as well as in the machines dedicated to their production. They have also produced and supplied pipes with their best performance, which you can safely order and use for different purposes. We guarantee the quality of our products and our goal is your satisfaction. Dear Customers After Buying From This Online Store.

In foreign and international markets, major broadcasting is the best way to meet the need for pipes. In the mainstream because of the large volume of trade in these goods, there are many benefits to both the buyer and the producer groups. In these cases, the factories manufacture and supply these parts in large quantities by supplying and purchasing raw materials.

As a result, their cost will decrease as well, which will result in lower sales costs. Increasingly, shipping and shipping costs will also be reduced due to high quantities. Taken together, these factors make the major broadcast with many benefits. Wholesalers are either manufacturers or supplying pipelines and fittings to manufacturers. In overseas markets, there are wholesalers and business groups who have extensive experience in other markets. 

Famous Brands of PE pipe fittings in the world

Do you know which one of the different brands you see on the market for polypropylene products? If you are looking to buy polypropylene pipes and fittings, Fan experts recommend choosing one of the leading brands in this field. Iran is one of the most prominent manufacturers of propylene products in the world. Buys high quality and affordable Iranian products in many foreign countries. Production of high quality polypropylene pipes and fittings is mainly done in many cities of Iran. Some of these cities are:

  • Esfahan
  • Yazd
  • Tehran
  • Sistan and Baluchestan
  • Kerman

Threaded Transition Fittings Supplier & Dealer

Threaded Transition Fittings Supplier & Dealer Tehran Pipe Factory, a distribution center for pipes and fittings, offers its products in a wide variety of sizes and sizes. Pipes are one of the best-selling building fittings in Tehran and other cities. One of the most important parts associated with building any residential or commercial unit is its plumbing.

Undoubtedly, this specialized work is done according to the condition and type of building. But in general, you have to be careful when choosing a pipe. Material of pipes and fittings should be such that it does not react with acidic or base materials, building fittings should not be altered along with chemicals; To change it, the pipe must be weight and pressure tolerant and of high durability.

Pipe sales in Tehran occur in different varieties in terms of type and size. Due to the boom in construction in Tehran as well as the housing crowding, these joints are sold in varying amounts and are one of the raw materials for plumbing buildings.That’s why part of the massive demand for homebuilders and builders to access these equipment is through wholesale centers for large volume purchases and significant amounts. Therefore, some of the major purchasers of the pipe are dealers.

But part of the sales of pipes and fittings is devoted to housing and building developers in Tehran and other cities.Sales of this product are also made through direct sales offices in various parts of Tehran. These dealers introduce the latest products to the customers and supply these types of pipes directly from these centers.The following methods can be used to purchase inexpensive pipe from sales centers in Tehran:

  • Get in touch with pipe manufacturers and manufacturers, visit the pipe shop and view sample products
  • Refer to Pipe Manufacturing in Tehran and other cities and purchase from internet sales sites
  • Buy from resellers located in different parts of the city

One of the important things that needs to be considered by the pipe buyer is the need for proper purchasing. Since these pipes are of different sizes and have the ability to withstand water pressure in various forms, this is important. This will make it convenient to buy in case of large and large purchases and avoid spending any extra money.

In general purchases, buying the right sized pipe and choosing the right one will benefit the buyer with the right price and cheap.In the domestic market, various companies in this field sell their products, which is a brand name in this field. This product is marketed in various ways, some of which are:

  • Major and general supply
  • Internet supply

Supply through dealers and authorized centers such as Semaran Star Tube Company

One of the benefits and benefits of shopping from various fittings and pipes is that they have the expertise to install, measure and diagnose the type of pipe. This will be very effective in buying right and will also prevent useless purchases.