Irrigation fittings Affordable Prices

Today, due to the advancement of technology, farmers use the old bulk irrigation system or the new drip irrigation system to irrigate their crops. Prices also vary depending on the progress of the products in the year. Dear ones, you can find out the prices and product information by visiting the irrigation fittings shopping sites or agencies.

Irrigation fittings Affordable Prices

How to install irrigation fittings

How to install irrigation fittings Determining how to start the system and choosing the type of installation of irrigation connections for crops are important decisions that must be made carefully. The right choice of irrigation system depends on the size of the area, the availability of water pipes, the design of the garden and the type of plants to be irrigated. You can choose one of the following methods that are suitable for your situation from the 3 methods provided.

  1.  Connect the faucet : One of the easiest ways to install a drip irrigation system on the ground is to use external valves using 1/2 inch pipes as the main side pipes. This can be done automatically with a timer hose. Connect one of the kits under the faucet and connect a 1/2 inch tube to the adapter.
  2. Connect to even irrigation : Another way to connect a drip irrigation system is to connect a surface-mounted or underground anti-siphon. A Volvo anti-siphon valve is a combination and has an atmospheric return flow inhibitor. An inline linear valve requires a device to prevent backflow. Remember to check local codes for each device.
  3. Replacing the irrigation system riser : You can also use the knee converter, pressure regulator and rotary adapter to directly convert the 1/2 inch irrigation riser series to a multi-branch pipe.

Using the punch machine, make a hole in the 1/2 inch tube in the desired area and place 1/4 inch barbed emitters or fittings to connect to the distribution tube. If you pierce a part of the pipe incorrectly, you can close it with a bushing or cap. Use a 1.2-inch protector or holder to protect the 1/2-inch pipe on the ground. Use 1/4-inch fittings to connect 1/2-inch pipes directly to 1/4-inch distribution pipes. This type of connection can be used to irrigate each plant individually. Before closing the line with a 1/2 inch headband or boot, make sure all the remaining material is washed out.

Rational prices for irrigation fittings in 2020

Rational prices for irrigation fittings in 2020 Irrigation connections are priced in 2020 based on old bulky connections and drip irrigation threaded drip irrigation. Compared to the old irrigation system, it has a simple and cheap design and is easy to install, which makes the price cheaper.For more information about irrigation supplies, you can visit the dealerships or online sales sites of this product and find out their prices.