King nipple fittings Prominent manufacturer

king nipple fittings connections are made by a leading manufacturer and marketed. These connections are designed to improve the science of medicine with the help of the best raw materials and are used to treat women’s breast diseases.

King nipple fittings Prominent manufacturer

Important things about king nipple fittings

Important things about king nipple fittings

Nipple depression is a condition in which the nipple is tilted inward to varying degrees. While in a normal breast, the nipple is protruding, but in less recessed degrees, the nipple is tilted around; In higher degrees, the nipple may not be visible at all.

Of course, it’s better to call this a nipple depression, not a breast; Because this depression also occurs in men’s breasts. About 10 percent of women experience nipple depression during puberty. The shortness of the mammary ducts in the breast is an important factor in this phenomenon. In fact, the mammary ducts do not grow as well as other breast tissues and eventually pull the nipple inward. Nipple depression may also occur after pregnancy due to shortness of the mammary ducts.

Degree of nipple depression

In general, the nipple is either slightly protruding with pressure, or the depression is relieved by pressure and suction, or the entire nipple is sunken and will only be surgically removed. Therefore, nipple depression can be divided into three groups:

Drowning that is easily removed: If treated properly by a doctor, the strength of breastfeeding remains.

Difficulty getting out: In this procedure, with the help of suction and the skill of the surgeon, the nipple may come out without surgery. However, there is a possibility of damage to the milk ducts.

Cracks where the nipple is not visible and requires mammoplasty: In this case, the doctor who specializes in plastic and cosmetic surgery releases the nipple by performing a mammoplasty. They usually damage the mammary ducts due to the shortness of the milk ducts, and some of the ducts may even be cut off so that the nipple can be removed. The skill of the surgeon, the choice of the appropriate surgical procedure and the condition of the nipple are very effective in maintaining the person’s breastfeeding power.

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Manufacturing process of king nipple fittings

Manufacturing process of king nipple fittings It was designed by King Nipples and is now widely produced in various countries. Nipple surgery removes and highlights the nipple by removing the skin around the nipple and around the nipple, cutting or releasing short breastfeeding ducts, and performing restorative techniques. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.