PE coupling wholesale products

Polyethylene impurities PE pipe polyethylene pe coupling systems have been developed today using new technologies in this industry. . PE fittings polyethylene fittings may be assembled using the injection method or formed using heat.

PE coupling wholesale products

How to install pe coupling?

How to install pe coupling? Polyethylene electrophogenic connections: Electrophogenic connections are types of connections that can be used in gas install pe coupling and water supply lines. In polypropylene electrophoresis fusion connections, heating polyethylene is used in comparison with butt fusion welding methods and electric current is used to generate heat. Using this method, various polyethylene fittings such as pipe-pipe, pipe-knee, pipe-bushing (for example, in changing the diameter of the pipeline) and… can be created. Therefore, there is no limit to the polyethylene lip-to-lip welding method for connecting pipes of similar sizes. Experience has also shown that it is possible to connect polyethylene pipes with different types of polyethylene in this method. In addition to its safety, another advantage of this method is the high speed and cleanliness of the connection. But on the other hand, its limitation can be attributed to the high cost and maximum pipe diameter.

Types of connections: Injection fittings Injected molded polyethylene fittings include: Three-way, 45-degree and 90-degree elbows, converters, interfaces, cap caps, flange adapters, branching and saddle and saddle self-tapping saddle tee.

Handmade Accessories: Handmade fittings (welded fittings) suitable for any pressure and any size are provided by polyethylene fittings manufacturers. Handmade fittings are made by connecting parts of pipes, machined parts or molded joints to each other. Different parts can be connected by lip-to-lip heat welding techniques (electrophoresis), electrophogenic, hot air welding, or extrusion welding

Bulk production of pe coupling in 2020

Bulk production of pe coupling in 2020 Polyethylene PE connections: Polyethylene pipelines in various projects require polyethylene connections, which will vary depending on the type of project. Polyethylene pipes are used in sewerage, water supply, fire systems, cable and gas covers.

Electrophogenic connections are used for gas supply projects and screw connections are used for water supply projects up to a pressure of 10 atmospheres.

For the rest of the projects, pipe coupling welding joints are used according to the German DIN16963 standard.  which you can find in the methods of connecting specialized articles.Polyethylene fittings have the following features:Very good resistance of polyethylene fittings against breakage and cracking due to external pressures

High resistance to pressure and impact Resistance to chemicals Resistant to corrosion and abrasion High resistance to vibrations caused by earthquakes

Resistant to rust Smooth and polished interior and exterior walls, no sedimentation and very low pressure drop due to internal surface friction High flexibility, very low cost of installation and execution, speed of execution and no need for heavy machinery during the implementation of polyethylene pipelines