Pe fittings price list in 2020

Iran Pipe is a manufacturer and factory of polyethylene pipes, polyethylene fittings and corrugated pipes. Iran Pipe Company covers a large range of services in the field of production of polyethylene pipes, polyethylene fittings and supply of precision instruments. Following the need of the people of the country to implement water supply and sewerage projects and with PE fittings aim of producing various types of polyethylene pipes and fittings by using the production lines of various types of polyethylene pipes, Iran Polyethylene Pipe and Fittings Manufacturing Company has entered the field of production.

Pe fittings price list in 2020

What are the uses of pe fittings?

What are the uses of  pe fittings? Polyethylene fittings are equipment used in pipelines and installations in various industries to change the direction of fluid flow, change the diameter of the pipeline, change the flow rate and connect the pipes to each other. One of the reasons for the popularity of using polyethylene products is their ability to connect quickly and easily. One of the most important advantages of polyethylene pipes compared to other types of pipes is their easy connection. Connections are used in cases such as changing the direction of the pipeline, changing the diameter, connecting pipe parts, and so on.

In various applications, polyethylene pipes include screw fittings, belts, gear fittings, high pressure polyethylene fittings in the form of butt welding, sewer polyethylene fittings, electrocution fittings and handmade. Polyethylene pipelines are connected by various polyethylene fittings (electrocution, small bore pipe fittings and screws) according to their needs in different projects and applications. For example, electrocution fittings are used for gas supply projects and screw fittings for up to 10 atmospheres are used for water supply projects. 

Latest price list of pe fittings in 2020

Latest price list of pe fittings in 2020 Polyethylene screws, polyethylene threads or polyethylene mechanical fittings for polyethylene pipes are usually made up of the following five parts: body, screw, split, bushing, and o-ring. The outer diameter of polyethylene pipes should be proportional to the diameter of the internal threads of the screw, and since in hard polyethylene pipes, the wall thickness of pipes made by different factories is not necessarily the same, so if it is intended to connect the pipes from the connection Use screws This type of connection must be made by the pipe manufacturer to make the connection possible.

Polyethylene screw fittings in piping systems are used for direct connection of pipes or parts of pipes to adapt to different sizes (conversion), elbows, tees and… or for other purposes such as adjusting or measuring fluid flow. Take. Screw fittings are produced in different shapes and in the form of male and female. These connections are made from hard polyethylene and can work at high pressure in up to 10 atmospheres. Depending on the type of connection, they are sometimes produced in flange form. Among the types of this category can be: Equal three-way, male three-pipes and pipe fittings, female three-way, equal knee, male knee, female knee, equal interface, mail interface, female interface, conversion, and end cap pointed.