Threaded pipe fittings focal supplier

One of the methods of connecting steel pipes is to use ribbed connections with patches. Gear joints are made and marketed in different standards. There are two types of black and galvanized in the market. The specifications of the connection gears are according to the ISO standard, ie the external gears are of the parallel type. The gear connections are made up to a threaded pipe fittings of 6 inches (150 mm). We know.

Threaded pipe fittings focal supplier

What are threaded pipe fittings?

What are threaded pipe fittings? Fortunately, the number of domestic factories active in the production of seamless steel and ferrous black pipes is considerable, and the bulk of the country’s demand for this type of pipe is supplied by domestic factories. It is sometimes referred to as a gas pipe or a radiator pipe. Therefore, for all sizes of black pipe, ready-made welded and screw connections are available in the market. Also, after passing the galvanization process, the black pipe can be used for water piping systems. These pipes are usually made of hot-rolled sheets with a thickness of 2 mm and above.

Therefore, they have high bending, torsional and pressure tolerance. Galvanized pipe is actually the same as a black (black) steel pipe that after construction, to protect against corrosive materials, its inner and outer walls are covered with zinc alloy. Galvanized pipes are marketed in 6-meter branches. , Their connection is usually ribbed and welding should not be used to connect them. This pipe is used in a hot and cold sanitary water system. Galvanized pipes in the market are also known as 2 inch threaded pipe fittings iron pipes and there is no difference between them. Galvanized steel pipes, on the other hand, are lighter and shinier than the iron type.

Supplying threaded pipe fittings at large amount

Supplying threaded pipe fittings at large amount Push-fit is a sewage piping system consisting of pipes and fittings that is completely superior to other existing sewer pipes and fittings, whether polymer or alloy, in terms of quality of materials and raw materials, design, construction and installation. In this sewage system, due to the presence of sockets in pipes and fittings, there is no need to use glue and welding, The latest technology in Iran is the market that has entered the market in recent years and is used in various places, especially high-rise buildings.

This system has the best efficiency for high-rise buildings and should be used with special threaded pipe pvc. The fit pipe is much better in terms of material, strength, and even thickness than polka. Unlike polyps, they do not require adhesives for joints and are only fused together. Only PushFit needs to be closed to prevent the connections from being disconnected. Push-fit pipes also have inspection valves to prevent excessive damage in the event of a blockage.