PP fittings price list in 2020

Polypropylene is a high-density polymer made of polyolefins. Polypropylene has different grades, including pp fittings PP-B, PP-H. Suitable polypropylene for the production of pipes and fittings for hot and cold water must be PP-RC or polypropylene for the second copolymer, accidental molecular structure. Polypropylene Random extends the life of pipes and fittings, especially against hot water. Random and according to DIN8078, DIN8077 standard and based on PN20, PN16 in the length of 4 meters and in diameters (20-25-32-40-50-63-75-90 and 110 mm) and The market is offered.

PP fittings price list in 2020

Technical Specifications of pp fittings

Technical Specifications of pp fittings Connections are produced in two simple models (polymer only) and integrated (polymer and metal). Polymeric fittings for installing pipes and PP fittings to each other and integrated fittings PP is installed to connect to other installation systems, including galvanized pipes, meters, or valves. The excellent physical and mechanical properties of this material make it suitable for the fittings. These materials change the quality of drinking water They do not create and are used in building water supply networks.

Single-layer piping system advantages :                          

• Low noise and vibration

• Meeting health requirements

• Lighter

• Easier to transport

• lower price   • Faster and cheaper installation

• Ability to visually control the connection

• More surface smoothness and less pressure drop

• Much less thermal conductivity and consequently lower water temperature drop

• Much less sedimentation

• flexibility

• Very high chemical resistance

• High electrical resistance

Price changes of pp fittings in 2020

Price changes of pp fittings in 2020 Polypropylene pipes and fittings are also known as white pipes or green pipes.polypropylene pipe pressure rating These pipes are made of polypropylene polymer. The thermal welding machine is used to connect pipes and polypropylene fittings. This device is known as plumbing ironing Polypropylene pipes, or so-called white pipes known as PP-Rs, are made of random type 3 polypropylene, and look like ordinary plastic. These pipes can withstand a pressure of twenty degrees Celsius at 20. C and ten bar at a temperature of eighty-five degrees Celsius.

Applications of polypropylene pipes include construction piping in various dimensions, thermal and cooling facilities of buildings, food and chemical industries, solar heating systems, compressed air lines, shipbuilding and oil industries, industrial wastewater, and acidic and alkaline conditions. Note that the size of all polypropylene polymer pipes is calculated based on the millimeter unit.

The length of each branch of this pipe is four meters, which is easily cut at the desired point. The positive features of polypropylene pipes and fittings include rapid installation, resistance to sewage or cold and hot effluents, very high resistance to corrosion and decay, good resistance to frost, and any physical impact, transportation. Lightweight and lightweight, polished surface with minimal deposit ability.