Brass & Copper Plumbing Fittings for Sale

Brass is made of copper and zinc, in some cases lead, it has a great variety, its price is higher than other fittings, the brass fittings actually look like solder joints but differ in quantity The pressure is the size and temperature.Brass fittings are more resistant to high temperature and pressure. We will talk about selling Poly Plumbing Fittings.

Brass & Copper Plumbing Fittings for Sale

Irrigation Poly Pipes & Fittings with Great Prices

Irrigation Poly Pipes & Fittings with Great Prices

Selling irrigation pipes and fittings in sizes from 16 to 2000 mm in accordance with DIN German Standard and Iranian Standard 14427 with wide applications for use in Oil Company Projects, Petrochemical Company Projects, Power Plant Projects, Water and Wastewater Projects and many other projects. Industrial and Installation of the country.

Buying pipes and fittings with the other side is selling polyethylene pipes. If both the seller and the buyer are in favor of each other and believe in a simple win-win formula, the best polyethylene pipe will be sold, and the purchase of polyethylene pipe and fittings will occur at the best price proportional to the quality of the pipe. For details on purchasing polyethylene pipes and fittings, read the Poly Pipe Purchasing Guide.

Polymer irrigation pipes and fittings are operated at pressures of 4 to 25 atmospheres with PE 100 raw materials supplied by the world’s most reputable polyethylene materials manufacturers and supplied with the latest and most advanced polymer tube production machinery made in Germany. They are used for irrigation purposes, such as sewage, water supply, drainage, curing, telecommunication and drip irrigation.

Sales of irrigation pipes and fittings are more complex than sales of copper and poly pipe brass fittings, the large number of items and the high variety of PE fittings as well as the different types of PE fittings are due to this complexity. Sales of polyethylene pipes and fittings should be done according to the type of project, main PE pipe, pipe working pressure, for example polyethylene pipeline irrigation and agriculture use injectable fittings and the seller of PE fittings should Have complete technical and engineering expertise to sell fittings without any return.

In addition to the above on old PE80 grade pipelines manufactured with PE80 grade, it is better not to use PE100 grade PE connections and vice versa (although contractors may argue for cost control in projects) And the ideal case for polyethylene fittings is that the pipe and fittings are the same and the fittings are made of pipe itself to be a seamless pipe and fittings.

Selling high-quality white poly pipe and fittings on a pre-prepared list is a far-fetched thing to do, and it can be a daunting task to update due to the high variety of work items. For the sale of fittings If a list of prices for PE fittings is made, that price list is untrustworthy and is doubtful and, given the text above, little is known about market volatility and the price of raw materials and thus the variability of PE prices.

Sales of fittings should not be made solely on the basis of specifications or the number that the customer requires, and the list of ethylene pipes and fittings required and requested must be carefully examined by the supplier to determine whether it is connected to the valve, welded to the pipe, whether such connection is required. It has gaskets and … hence the sale of watering pipes and fittings requires a certain amount of scientific expertise and expertise to be able to review all aspects of the listing and connection required at a single moment.

The sale of these products, including brass poly pipe fittings, polyethylene and copper, is just the beginning of a commitment that requires the seller and supplier to provide services during installation, commissioning and on time. Buy these irrigation pipes and fittings from prestigious collections to find out the list and reasons for each item you need in the project, not only selling accessories, but also giving them a free experience and advice. Need more specialized and complementary.

What are the most popular types of plumbing fittings?

The five-layer grey plastic water pipe is one of the most widely used construction pipes that can be used for a variety of purposes. Note that these pipes are not only used in homes or buildings. But given the variety of sizes available from 25 inch to 1 inch poly pipe fittings, there are many different uses in buildings, and what is being used by buyers these days is the use of them. It is widespread in residential and construction activities. In the following, we will give a comprehensive explanation of the five-layer tube and introduce its best brands.

In the market you will be able to see different brands such as the black poly pipe coupler and use them for your building plumbing. However, you should note that a poor quality pipe will lead to a poor quality system that will lead to high maintenance costs over time. This is also true of fittings and you should pay special attention to this when buying construction fittings.

Advantages and disadvantages of using plastic plumbing fittings

Advantages and disadvantages of using plastic plumbing fittings

The advantages and disadvantages of the plastic tubes of the general properties and the engineering of plastic tubes can be controlled due to the existence of standards, and on the other hand, there can be several choices due to the existence of properties between different pulles. Therefore, with the full recognition of the user position and domination of different properties of all types of plastic tubes, select the best option.

  • In general, the general benefits of the plastic tubes can be considered:
  1. Corrosion Resistance: The plastic tubes are not corrosion against most of the chemicals in household sewage, and also have a minimum resistance to the passage and transfer of waste and other fluids due to the smooth surface of the passage and transfer of waste. These pipes never suffer from rust and do not find corrosion. 
  2. Spack and easy shipping: In addition to the so-reduced and reducing shipping costs, in the case of plastic cuttings of cutting, connection and installation is also much easier than other tubes such as metal pipes.
  3. Flexibility and toughness: In particular, underground applications, the flexibility of the plastic tubes leads to lower the number of connections and easily curved plumbing paths.
  4. Various connections: In general, the plastic tubes are capable of thread, connecting with flange, heat welding, sticking, compressive fittings, and so on and create a wide variety in connecting for different conditions.
  5. High hydraulic hydraulic pipes: The plastic tubes are placed in the tube with a smooth surface, and this makes it necessary for the lowest energy for transferring various policies.
  6. Life span and low cost than longevity: The plastic tubes are used in most cases for more than 22 years and are still not the end of their life, and on the other hand, due to the cost of purchasing, installation and maintenance, lower cost than other common pipes during the period used.
  7. The existence of standards and markings markup: Limitations: The first important limitation of the plastic tubes is their low strength and stiffness. In the next step, these pipes are sensitive to high temperatures. 
  • Plastic tubes used in water and sewage facilities include: 
  1. Plastics PVC (PVC – stands for polymeric and nil chloride)
  2. Plastic flakes (PE stands)
  • Advantages of PVC tubes: 
  1. Ten tube and parts are much easier and faster than other pipes.
  2. In installing, do not require staining.
  3. The weight is lightweight and easily installed among false ceilings and places that are difficult to access. In comparison with other tubes, the diameter is less and easily embedded inside the wall.
  4. High resistance to chemicals. Disadvantages of PVC pipes
  5. dry pipelines against colds are very sensitive and fragile.
  6. The pseudo-threads lose their strength and strength.
  7. The cause of low-resistant strength of these types of tubes should be used for pipeline springs for pipeline cramps. In the braer, foreign forces have less resistance.

Note 1:

  • PVC sewage pipes are produced in two types of weak pressure in gray color and aqueous pressure and strong pressure in clear gray color. Application of PVC tubes weak pressure in the tube of rainwater ventilation and binding for rainwater balkins and toilet binding tubes, but the use of PVC pipes is a strong pressure in building sewage systems as vertical tubes and collection and collection.

Note 2:

  • The connection of PVC tubes is done in different ways in terms of tubes and fittings, which is more common in adhesive.

Note 3:

  • Connection for at least 10 to 15 minutes should not be moved to stiff.

Advantages of PE tubes:

  • First type – Having density, low thermal resistance and good flexibility of the benefits of this type. The second type – has a moderate and slightly harder density than the first type and is higher at high temperature and have a better expansion capability. Third type – are much more heavier than the previous type and density and the best physical properties in terms of resistance – the expansion-degree of hardness – roughness coefficient, and therefore a wide application in gas and caste

What are polyethylene connections? 

Note 1:

  • Connecting PE tubes in different gear-flip-based methods – Clamp – Origin and male and mothers are performed with thermal welding and head welding method.

Note 2:

  • The gear connection is applicable to all heavy plastic tubes and 4 inches to the bottom.

The benefits of PE tubes are resistant to corrosion, freezing, rust, acid soils and sedimentation. This tube does not leave when freezing and tolerates 6.5 atmosphere at 82 ° C. Note: Due to the flexibility of these tubes, the shot is not occurred in the ram.

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Who are the biggest buyers of plumbing fittings from Iran?

Who are the biggest buyers of plumbing fittings from Iran?

Exports of pipes and fittings as one of the most demanding steel products on the one hand, and on the other hand dollar and currency fluctuations, has created its own special problems that require specialized and experienced experts in this field. Our company offers you the promise of bringing your experienced experts with the knowledge and expertise in all of its exporting challenges and guarantees you an easy and safe path forward.

To the countries of the region and beyond, it has been a medium-term goal of our company and from the beginning has been producing high quality products with the highest standards and poly pipe repair fittings. Our team, in conjunction with the PE industry, has imported the most modern and production machinery from Germany (PE production line) and has updated its machinery at any particular time.

PVC, Poly And BSP Pipe Fittings for Sale

PVC is one of the most widely used types of plastics in the industry. As mentioned earlier, plastic pipes are flammable and most of them spread fire. But one of the features of PVC is that it does not spread the fire on the pipe but just the point where it is burned and destroyed.

PVC pipes also have disadvantages, such as being extremely crisp and prone to cracking at zero and below zero temperatures. They also lose their quality if they are exposed to ultraviolet light. PVC pipes are by no means suitable for spa services.

Because PE connections are installed at various points in a piping network and knowing that operating conditions such as temperature and pressure are constantly changing along a pipeline, they must be strong enough to withstand any Changes or environmental stresses maintain their stability.

On the other hand, in addition to pressure and temperature, other environmental factors such as the risk of corrosion or wear and tear may also threaten the joints, so polyethylene joints must have unique advantages, so the most important features and advantages of the joints are List as follows:

• High resistance to high pressure and impact

• Resistance to sudden changes in fluid volume

• Corrosion and wear resistance

• No clogging in the joints

• Applicable to chemical transmission lines

• Ease of installation

• cheap price

• light weight

• High flexibility

• Sell polyethylene fittings


Polyethylene fittings are used to redirect pipeline flow, change fluid flow rate through polyethylene pipe, change pipe diameter, change angle of fluid movement, block end of pipes or connect two pipes at one point in the route. 

BSP fittings are manufactured by CNC machine, BSP pipe fittings are stainless steel and 316 or 304 steel. UK industrial machinery and equipment are designed and manufactured with different types of seals and adapters for BSP hydraulic systems.

There are two types of BSP yarns commonly used in hydraulic connections

  • BSPP (BSP, parallel)
  • BSPT (BSP, Tapered)

BSPP has two sealing methods as follows:

• BSPP male cone pipe fittings 60 deg

• BSPP 60 swivel chair for women

In general, polyethylene joints can be pressed together or welded together. Depending on the type of connection, one of these methods is used. The choice of which type of fittings is suitable for the pipeline or in which way they should be connected is made by engineers and inspectors of piping networks.

Top sellers of poly plumbing fittings in Iran

Top sellers of poly plumbing fittings in Iran

Polyethylene pipes are a type of flexible pipe used for the transfer of liquids and gas; these pipes are widely used worldwide today.Polyethylene connections with their unique properties are the best choice for use in such matters as:

 water supply, gas networks, sewage networks, slurry transmission lines, rural irrigation, fire extinguishing system supply lines, ducts, communications and drainage pipes.

What is polyethylene pipe material?

As the name implies, polyethylene pipe means a pipe made of polyethylene.

Polyethylene is a unique material that has made it popular all over the world; polyethylene is simply a tube made of polyethylene and it is the material of polyethylene that gives the pipe its properties and advantages. These advantages have made polyethylene pipes popular.

What are the Benefits of Using PE?

Polyethylene pipes are widely used by many people around the world; they deliver the best quality and reliability to their consumers.

Polyethylene is lightweight and easy to transport; it is also one of the most important properties of the polyethylene pipe for its durability and harmlessness against acidic, chemical and impact environments.

The strength and toughness of the polyethylene pipe against chemicals, as well as its corrosion resistance and low weight make it a durable, cost-effective choice in gas piping and liquids.

Europeans and Americans were the first to use the tube in year 6 and since then it has spread around the world.

Installation of these powerful pipes does not require the use of rubber seals or chemical bonding, and the use of polyethylene pipes can provide a seamless pipeline even in unstable soils. Today we are one of the leading sellers of polyester pipes and fittings and you can visit our site and contact our sales consultants to buy the high quality products you need.