Buy water fittings different parts

One of the most important points when building plumbing is to familiarize yourself with plumbing connections. Building water plumbing connections come in a variety of models, and familiarity with plumbing connections can go a long way in speeding up water fittings your work. There are many types of metal plumbing fittings and all types of plastic plumbing fittings.

Buy water fittings different parts

Are brass fittings suitable for drinking water?

Are brass fittings suitable for drinking water?

Rice sheets are used for a variety of purposes, you can get the connections you need in the shapes, widths and sizes you need. Since there are different models of rice, you can also use surface joints.


Due to its characteristics, brass alloy is a very durable metal. When a plumbing system needs a long life, brass fittings will be a good option. They remain for many years without cracking or decomposing.

Metal fittings are subject to corrosion and rice is resistant to corrosion. Corrosion and plumbing fittings types rust can burn and separate metal joints, so corrosion-resistant metal can be the best option in this situation. In places with corrosive water properties, it is best to use brass fittings, which do not rust or corrode under low pH conditions. Even the worst corrosive water does not corrode rice.

5- High flexibility

When using pipe fittings, they also need to be deformed and bent. Rice has a very high flexibility and malleability compared to steel or iron pipes. It also has better molding than the materials on the market. This feature also reduces labor costs. Although this metal has flexibility, it is still durable and reliable.

Purchasing different water fittings parts

Purchasing different water fittings parts

With the advancement of technology and the expansion of the construction industry, various types of modern building pipes and fittings have been produced. The most important thing about modern fittings is the type of design. Due to the advancement of plumbing systems, building connections had to be designed to meet the needs. For this reason, today any type of plumbing in the building can be used for its connections.

Connecting two pipes or two pieces when piping, we use brain connections. The brains are actually small tubes that are threaded on either side. That is, ribs are created on both sides of the tube. Another application of brain connections is to increase or decrease the diameter of the pipes. One side of this type than the other; Therefore, two pipes with different diameters can be connected.

The bead nut

You’ve probably all seen this type of connection! Because it is widely used in water fittings quick connect building plumbing. The design of the tube bead is done in three parts. These pieces include male and female, as well as the connecting part, which has different threads depending on the type of application. The tube bead has three very important uses:

• Application in closed plumbing systems in buildings

• To connect various devices such as water heater, wall package and

• Use with disconnecting and connecting valves