Threaded pe fittings | Different types of pipe fittings for sale

What is Threaded pe fittings?  Types of connections include the main components of a piping system for the connection of multiple pipes. The pipe fittings shall be such that there is a constant pressure in each pipe. The joints are threaded because the bolts can also be connected to each other using bolts. Cast iron pipes, copper pipes, PVC pipes and GIs have different connections. read more about pe pipe fittings, electrofusion fittings, hdpe pipe catalogue, polypropylene pipe australia, hdpe pipe perth and hdpe stub flange.

Threaded pe fittings | Different types of pipe fittings for sale

Which countries have best producers of pipes and fittings?

Which countries have best producers of pipes and fittings?The tubes are classified into different types according to their sex, application and how they are placed around the world. Here are some of the most common types of tubes in this article.

plika tube

One of the most widely used synthetic products in the world is polyvinyl chloride, a type of polymer or resin that results in the production of rigid plastics, commonly referred to as PVC or PVC. Famous Polika Company, the first manufacturer of PVC pipes and hence PVC pipes is known as Polika Pipes and is named after this company.

PE pipe

Polyethylene pipes are made of transparent and solid polyethylene granules. Polyethylene is a polymer that is formed in crude oil refineries by the polymerization reactions of ethylene monomer units and is specific depending on the conditions in which it is synthesized.

Manisman tube

Steel pipes are generally divided into two types of monolithic, magnesium pipes are integrated steel pipes. Keep in mind that welded pipes often need to be welded and somehow require high frequency power transmission. But in integrated pipes we are somewhat far.

plastic pipe

Plastic tubes are hollow tubes with circular cross-sections that are mainly used for the flow of liquids, gases, suspended particles or granular solids. With the growing community and the growing need for safe and efficient equipment for urban and rural installations, plastic pipes are gradually replacing the old pipes, and today we are seeing a new range of plastic materials being introduced. Types of pipes are used and the use of plastic pipes is increasing.

Corrugated pipe

Corrugated pipe is one of the PE pipe models. These pipes are also known in the market as double-walled polyethylene pipes and are of great importance. There are generally two types of polymer raw materials for making PE pipes. PE100 and PE80 are two-grade polymer for producing these pipes, each having its own characteristics.

Steel pipe

An alloy made of iron and about 2% carbon is called steel or steel. The percentage of carbon in steel determines its strength, hardness, and brittleness. Simply put, the percentage of carbon in steel alloys reflects their physical properties. Steel is the main material for the production of steel pipes. This type of engineering material is used for installation in various plants and industries.

Austrailian top brands for pipe fittings

Austrailian top brands for pipe fittings PVC has been used successfully in Australia for sewage and drainage pipes for more than 5 years. The reason for this success is that the overall performance of PVC pipes is better than the various options. The capability and readiness of the PVC pipe and fittings industry to adopt new technologies and design features related to the Australian environment is just as important as investing in new production equipment and expanding product range. The use of PVC materials and sandwich pipes for recycling PVC from various sources has increased the stability of PVC sewage pipes. This, along with other environmental aspects such as low energy costs, has made PVC the most sustainable material for Australian sewage applications.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the first plastic material introduced in piping applications in Australia. PVC was initially used in drainage lands as an alternative to traditional metal products such as cast iron and copper. PVC has been so successful that after 5 years it is still the main material used in underground drainage.

Biggest buyers of pipes and fittings in the world

Biggest buyers of pipes and fittings in the world In our list there are different fitting prices for different brands. Buy and sell all kinds of industrial and construction fittings: Includes seamless or seamless black welding fittings (castings, galvanized fittings, cast iron fittings and stainless steel fittings in Iranian and foreign brands in different thicknesses and sizes normally) And custom). This product will be informed to you by our online sales experts, price and product specifications, payment terms, time of loading and delivery of the product and other pre-invoice order details ..

A few tips when shopping

– Specifications and specifications of each product, including type, size, mode, standard, location of loading and delivery (factory or company), unit, price of each unit, as well as the date and time of the last update in the price list.

Wholesale places to buy pipe fittings in bulk

Wholesale places to buy pipe fittings in bulk The price is right

One of the things customers consider when shopping is the price of the product. We believe it is your right to buy products at a reasonable price. To this end, we produce products from important import and distribution centers. We also offer you the lowest profit for the most sales. You can also experience a one-time shopping experience with us

quality guarantee

Quality as one of the most important factors in evaluating a product is always very important, and joint venture companies are always needed to ensure the quality of their products. Planning and personnel is the key to ensuring the quality of our products.

Customer satisfaction

The first and last criterion for measuring customer satisfaction is whether or not his expectations are met. Customer expectations need to identify specific standards of satisfaction in each segment of the market but general standards can be used. Different customers have different priorities for these features, and although some may not care at all, our company has to check them all to make sure.

Different materials for producing pipes and fittings

Different materials for producing pipes and fittings Equipment for polyethylene pipe production line

  • Extruder
  • Gravimetric
  • Die
  • Vacuum Tank
  • Ultrasonic
  • System Monitoring
  • Cooling Tank


Battenfeld single-screw extruders are used to produce polyethylene pipes. The spiral zones are provided to direct the inlet flow into the cylinder to be compressed and uniformly melted and locked into the mold pump. Thermal energy is provided for the melting of materials by means of coil rotation (coil stress to the raw material) and the thermal elements around the cylinder, which are controlled by special fans around the elements.


The raw materials through the silos are driven by special tubes intended for this purpose to the Gravimetric device. Measurement and transfer of raw materials to extruder according to production standards is also used.


DIE is the intermediate between the die and the extruder, which increases the return pressure (cylinder end), compresses the melt and distributes it evenly at the liquid inlet to stabilize its quality. DIE varies by size. Required pipes change.

Vacuum tank

After passing the raw material through the mold, which is in the form of a paste, the tube must pass through the vacuum tub. At this stage, the initial cooling is done and the PE pipe is almost stable.


Ultrasonic is installed after the van vacuum, which measures the thickness of the pipe at five different points, which, if possessed, has inconsistent standards and stops the production line.

System monitoring

All production line systems and equipment are controlled and controlled by the operator. Supervision allows the operator to continuously monitor and monitor the process of the production line process.

Cooling tank

The task of the final cooling tank is to increase the number of tanks depending on the speed of the production line.

How can you tell durability of the pipe fittings?

How can you tell durability of the pipe fittings?It should be said that the life span of a pipe is determined by the physical and chemical properties of its location, which include water, sewage, gas and soil, and given the durability of the pipe under these conditions can be a real cost and cost. Calculated. In the old systems using metal pipes, corrosion and decay of metal pipes lead to problems such as de-precipitation and reduction of water pressure in irrigation as well as pipes clogging and lowering of drinking water hygiene in households Damaged. And it costs a lot to repair the pipes.

The corrosion and corrosion of steel pipes may occur internally or externally, which has a negative impact on its hydraulic performance, so water transmission through steel pipes is obsolete in Western countries as well as in Iran. Most projects use polyethylene pipes because, unlike traditional products, they do not rust and can be used for a long time and the positive features of these pipes make them cost-effective and economical. Be. References done. In fact, polyethylene pipes, and especially HDPE, are more flexible than traditional steel pipes and therefore resistant to bending.

What are the most high consumption PE fittings?

What are the most high consumption PE fittings?With advances in chemistry, polyethylene pipes are finding thinner and lighter walls with greater resistance. Different polyethylene pipes are safe and durable for urban and construction infrastructure as well as for irrigation and their shelf life is estimated to be between 2-5 years depending on application, design and installation. Important features of polyethylene pipes include high impact resistance, acidic materials, salts and alkalis, among others high flexibility, high heat tolerance, corrosion and wear resistance, radiation resistance. Destructive solar radiation (UV), easy access to higher diameters as well as less weight than other tubes mentioned, which helps to improve the acceptability of this product. High resistance to earthquake or landslide pressures, especially below sea level, which is capable of moving more layers of land, is an important feature of these pipes.

Abrasives such as rock and sand can cause mechanical wear along the inner wall of the irrigation pipes, resulting in rapid abrasion on the surface. However, the severity of the problem depends on the type of abrasive, the amount of abrasive passage through the pipe, the flow rate, and the sex of the pipe. The results show that heavy duty polyethylene pipes are more resistant to wear than metal and concrete. In fact, in the experiments, PE burnt was 3 times less than metal and concrete.

Unlike other water pipes, which, due to their corrosion, sedimentation, and sequestration, polyethylene pipes are less resistant to fluid passage due to their smooth and polished surface. This keeps the water pressure uniform throughout the pipe. In addition, ambient temperature and operating pressure are among the factors affecting the durability and durability of PE pipes that should be considered when designing pipelines with an optimum service life.

Fittings for PE Pipes at Cheapest Price

Fittings for PE Pipes at Cheapest Price Providing the right pipe and fittings at the best price does not mean the lowest price of pipe and fittings and does not use quality materials in the production of pipe and fittings. When purchasing pipes and fittings, first of all, make sure that the raw materials used in the production of pipes and fittings are of a good standard and that the process of pipes and fittings is under the control of quality control units and manufactured products. Comply with standard PE pipes and fittings. The price of the pipes and fittings depends on their quality and is not sacrificed in the selection of pipes and fittings and you buy the right commodity.

Buy pe fittings and pipes at affordable price from Iran

Buy pe fittings and pipes at affordable price from Iran Iran Pipe & Fittings Center, Tehran Pipe & Fittings Center Pipe & Fittings Market ….. and any other name derived from Pipe & Fittings Center, and Pipe & Fittings Market do not trust the cyber space. Pay attention to product quality, standardization and brand reputation in pipe and fitting brands. All stores that call themselves pipe and fitting centers are simple and varied stores that try to sell products by providing false information to customers. They are of poor quality and sometimes sell low quality pipes and fittings under the brand and name of reputable factories. Buy high quality pipe and fittings so that your facilities are always in the best possible shape and service. Polyethylene pipes are commonly known as PE in the market and among engineers. Raw materials for PE pipes are manufactured in various categories that are now produced in our country with grades of PE 80 and PE 100, but in the world production of PE pipes with top grade raw materials has begun. PE 120 is also included.

Estimate price changes for pipes and fittings in 2020

Estimate price changes for pipes and fittings in 2020Polyethylene pipes and fittings can be the best choice for your projects, for example for sewage and drinking water but not suitable for oil, gasoline or diesel. Knowing the properties of PE and knowing how to produce PE and its standards will help many designers and design engineers determine the type and type of pipe and fitting when designing. The price of the pipes and fittings depends on their quality and is not sacrificed in the selection of pipes and fittings and you buy the right commodity.

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