Various Sizes of PE Pipe Adapters with Different Prices

The scope of use of adapter in piping is as one of the components of fittings, which are commonly used to redirect or change pipe diameter. Adapters are usually produced by casting processes, machining parts or molding. Polyethylene adapter is one of the 2 to 3 pe pipe adapter connectors, valves and devices. In the following, we will introduce the types of pe pipe adapters, types of hdpe pipe and the price of each.

Various Sizes of PE Pipe Adapters with Different Prices

HDPE Pipe Accessories Latest Price List in Iran

HDPE Pipe Accessories Latest Price List in Iran What is hdpe polyethylene?

After suitable catalysts for catalyzing polymerization reactions were discovered by a person named Ziegler, finally, in year 3, polyethylene was mass-produced industrially. Polyethylene hdpe is one of the most important polymers used in the plastics industry.

Hdpe polyethylene with a specific gravity of 1 /. Being a relatively tough, impact-resistant polymer, this industrial polyethylene can maintain and maintain its properties up to temperatures of up to 4 ° C. The unique and unique properties of hdpe pipe compression fittings  have made this polymer widely used in many industries.

Polyethylene hdpe is structurally a polymeric material without side branches and is opaque, opaque and transparent. Due to the high durability and durability of hdpe polyethylene, it is used in the manufacture of plastic bottles, milk and food bottles, cosmetic and hygiene bottles such as shampoos and more.

It is not only the food industry that uses hdpe polyethylene to produce its products, but also major industries such as shopping malls, polyethylene tanks, poly pipe fittings, plastic valves and fittings, toys, waste and recycling bins and many more. Other uses of this polymer material. Polyethylene hdpe films should be used for the production of polyethylene tanks, as they require the welding of polymer plates.

Prices of polyethylene head tube in Iranian markets:

Due to market fluctuations and changes in raw material prices, we are reluctant to put the price list on the PE pipe site, but you, the respected buyer, can find out all prices with one touch. Our experts are proud to respond to you dear buyers. We can send you a price list of all hdpe pipe sizes using the web sites. Quality polyethylene pipe is one of the most important factors in saving and wasting resources.

The price of polyethylene material used in the production of hdpe pipe is constantly fluctuating and there is no relative price stability. Numerous other factors such as exchange rates, freight costs, electricity costs and personnel costs and many more may also have an impact on the price and price list. So manufacturers and sellers give their prices to customers on a daily basis, with a one-day validity period, and bidding is a very high risk.

Why Iranian Plastic Pipes and Fittings are Cheaper?

PVC pipe or Polyka pipe is a type of polymer pipe that has many applications in the construction industry. Polka Pipe is used for plumbing, cable transfer, and transfer of acids and bases because the price of Iranian Polka Pipe is cheap and has great flexibility. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a type of plastic that is manufactured in the petrochemical industry and used for a variety of purposes. Currently the most used PVC in the building industry.

Because it can easily be produced in various forms that are economically viable. There has been a lot of progress in recent years in the manufacture of PVC pipe in Iran. These advances have been both in the field of polychaetes and in the raw materials of these pipes. If the PVC pipe formulation meets the required standards, they can also be used for drinking water piping.

We just have to make sure that the amount of toxic elements like lead, tin, mercury, worm and so on. Be lower than the standard limit. Polyka pipes are one of the most widely used water and wastewater pipes in the world because of their low cost and their superiority over metal pipes, cast iron, polyethylene and others.

Plica tubes are long lasting and do not get easily damaged. With the advancement of technology and manufacturing processes as well as new advances in the polymer industry, PVC pipes are manufactured in a variety of ways that are easier to install and operate than ever before and are available in various sizes for different applications.

Low Material Costs: There are two main reasons for the long-term competitive pricing of Iranian PVC on the world market. First, the weight-to-weight ratio makes this material thinner than other materials in the pipe walls. Second, the number of PVC resin suppliers in the world and the abundance of PVC pipes and PVC joints in North America are well positioned.

Low installation costs: Lightweight, easy to use and no need for corrosion protection and extra insulation systems make PVC a competitive advantage over other plumbing materials.

Low maintenance costs: PVC has a great track record in leak-resistant performance, immunity to corrosive and chemical attacks and plumbing systems, PVC is unique in terms of cost savings.

Lower Plumbing Costs: Several third-party studies have been conducted to determine the different costs of plumbing materials in commercial and industrial applications. In most cases, PVC plumbing has a significantly lower installation cost than other plumbing systems.

The U-PVC pipe hardly ignites and does not continue to burn in the absence of an external source. The spontaneous flare temperature is 454 degrees Celsius, which is much higher than most construction materials. Due to the burning of PVC, HCl gas is released, which prevents oxygen from reaching the ignited area. That’s why PVC is called a self-extinguishing agent.

The suitable price of plastic pipes iranian:

In addition to the privileges mentioned for plastic pipes (Polica), the prices of these pipes are very suitable and competitive with other plastic pipes of polymer, metal, cast iron and so on. So that plastic pipes in the world today are one of the main options in the water and wastewater networks.

Polyethylene Pipe Connector for Traders

Polyethylene Pipe Connector for Traders Tabriz is the most industrial city in the northwest of the country, which is famous for producing polyethylene pipe fittings and is well known. Polyethylene pipe fittings are an important business in Tabriz. In the northwest of the country there are successful manufacturers in the field of PE. Tabriz, the most industrialized city in northwestern Iran, has become known for producing quality products in the region and throughout the country. With well-equipped factories and up-to-date laboratories, the city offers durable, high-quality production to the world markets for trade.

Polyethylene pipes are one of the products that are profitable not only in Iranian market but also in world trade market and thus pipes are one of the profitable size of commercial goods.

Buying and selling in the so-called slang trade is a significant part of the revenue generation for a country, on the basis of which our country Iran has had a say in the world market by producing quality products such as polyethylene pipes with size 2 in the world market. It is worth noting that these pipes are used in agricultural and irrigation projects.

Poly brass compression fittings for poly pipe mounting are PE 80 and PE 100 brands. Brass compression fittings are made of a polypropylene copolymer for casting. Polyethylene brass compression fittings with inner and outer strands are made in various forms: brass poly pipe fittings, tee compression, bending compression and saddle compression bends, compression plugs and flange compression fittings. PND compression fittings are produced with a diameter of 16 mm to 110 mm and a working pressure of 10 to 16 atmospheres (bar): for a diameter of 16 to 63 mm and 16 bar, for a diameter of 75 to 110 mm and 12.5 bar.

PND compression joints are connected to PE pipes by means of a compression ring, which is compressed into a pipe. Compression fittings for polyethylene pipes are a decay scheme consisting of modular components. Iran is one of the countries with strong trade in the world market for the production of brass compression fittings.

What are the properties of Pe pipes and adapters?

Polyethylene pipes are a type of flexible pipe used for the transfer of liquids and gas; these pipes are widely used worldwide today.

Polyethylene connections with their unique properties are the best choice for use in such matters as:

Uses are in water supply, gas networks, sewage networks, slurry transmission lines, rural irrigation, fire extinguishing system supply lines, ducts, communications and drainage pipes.

What is polyethylene pipe material?

As the name implies, polyethylene pipe means a pipe made of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a unique material that has made it popular all over the world; polyethylene is simply a tube made of polyethylene and it is the material of polyethylene that gives the pipe its properties and advantages. These advantages have made polyethylene pipes popular.

What are the benefits of using PE?

Polyethylene pipes are widely used by many people around the world; they deliver the best quality and reliability to their consumers.

Polyethylene is lightweight and easy to transport; it is also one of the most important properties of the polyethylene pipe for its durability and harmlessness against acidic, chemical and impact environments.

The strength and toughness of the polyethylene pipe against chemicals, as well as its corrosion resistance and low weight make it a durable, cost-effective choice in gas piping and liquids.

Europeans and Americans were the first to use the tube in year 6 and since then it has spread around the world.

Installation of these powerful pipes does not require the use of rubber seals or chemical bonding, and the use of polyethylene pipes can provide a seamless pipeline even in unstable soils.

Costs of HDPE Pipes and Fittings for Traders

Costs of HDPE Pipes and Fittings for Traders

The hdpe polyethylene tube is called high density polyethylene for the use of higher quality materials and it has higher tensile strength and higher price than other PEs. HDPE is used for the density-to-density ratio of polyethylene. The HDPE density can vary from 0.93 to 0.97 g / cm3 or 970 kg / m3. Although the HDPE density is only slightly higher, the material will have a stronger polyethylene tube and stronger intermolecular forces and greater tensile strength than LDPE.

The difference in density makes the HDPE stronger and more robust, and in fact tolerates harder, more opaque, and somewhat higher temperatures (120 ° C / 248 ° F for short periods). Unlike polypropylene, high-density polyethylene cannot withstand the usual autoclave conditions. Contact our company for the price of hdpe polyethylene pipe and purchase high density pipe for important projects.

Best brands of pipe adapters on global market

Different types of pipe fittings in the piping system

There are different types of pipe fittings in the piping and different purposes in the piping system. Pipe fittings in piping systems are used to join multiple pipes of the same size or different size, for flow regulation or flow measurement. They are made of various materials such as copper, iron, brass, PVC and so on.

Different pipe fittings and their function

• elbow

• reducer

• Tee type

• Cross type

• Pair

• Unions

• Adapters

• Holt

• plugin

• Cap

• valve

• Elbow tube fittings

Adapters connection:

If the tubes do not have a special end or a simple end, the adapter will be applied to either male or female. Adapters are usually used for copper and PVC pipes. Male adapters contain male threads and female adapters contain female threads. One end of the adapter is simple to adhere to or weld or weld to the end of a simple tube.

Now that you are more familiar with the types of fittings and especially the adapter you can contact our sales consultants for complete information and purchase the product you need.

PE connection for push joint gate valves

PE connection for push joint gate valves

Sliding valve or gate valve is a type of valve that prevents fluid passage through the valve in the middle of this valve. This type of valve can only be opened or closed completely and can not be used as half open or half closed. These types of valves are usually hdpe pipe flange connections and are used to prevent leakage of gaskets. A good sliding valve has advantages such as interchangeable slides, bearings for ease of opening and closing, lubrication and lubrication, and the valve body is well-pressed.

Iranian and foreign slider valve:

These valves are manufactured in Iran and of course there are foreign specimens in the market. The body of these valves is made of steel or steel. Uses of these valves include water and wastewater, petrochemical and food industries. These valves are fully open and therefore will not cause pressure drop. The tolerable temperatures of these valves are usually 2 ° C.

Types of sliding valves:

• Knife gate valve

Knife gate valves are one of the main valves of sewer systems, where stainless steel discs are made and the bottom edge is relatively sharp to cut materials such as slurry fibers. For better sealing these types of valves are used O-ring seal.

• Wedge gate valve:

The difference between the wedge gate valves and the wedge gate valves is parallel to the wedge gate valve. The purpose of wedge moving parts of these valves is to provide more sealing against high or low pressures. The sealing rate of wedge-shaped metal gate valve is higher than that of metal-gate parallel valve. Of course, sealing the upstream side of a wedge-shaped gate valve is not as good as the downstream side.

Wedge gate valves are more commonly used in grids due to their well-laid installation conditions and in sizes up to 4 mm in diameter. The main disadvantage of wedge gate valves is the extreme vulnerability to existing hard objects in the sand-like pipeline. The solids suspended in the seating valve of the wedge gate can interfere with its sealing. This is, of course, solved by the choice of a wedge-gate valve with rubber seating. This type of valve seat has some free space for sediment and suspended solids; however, this vacuum does not have a wedge-gate valve / elastic wedge valve (rubber sliding valves).

• Parallel gate valve:

A parallel gate valve is a sliding valve that has a moving piece of one or two disks. The disk of the parallel gate valves consists of a flat plate with a hole equivalent to the nominal diameter of the valve. In full open condition, this hole is positioned against the inlet and outlet holes of the valve body, creating a complete cross-section, and in closing conditions, the valve disc moves to cut off the water-free cross-section of the valve, In these valves the main sealing action is performed by the seatings on the valve body.

These seatings are redone in two ways: one is removable, which means that the water pressure squeezes the sealing surface onto the disc surface, and the second is that springs are mounted on the back of the sealing seating to maintain constant pressure at Permanently insert the surface of the disc and seal. In this type of valve, as the valve disc is in no position at all, it is in contact with the sealing seals throughout its movement, so fluid can pass through this type of valve very quickly. Parallel gate valves are not used in normal water industry systems because they are large in size, high weight and high cost, but are used when external objects are in the pipeline or at high water throughput rates.

Operating conditions may create the following restrictions on the use of parallel gate valves: If the fluid pressure is low, the valve seal may not perform well. Frequent opening and closing of these valves may make them tired. Therefore, parallel gate valves are used in cases where too much milk is not opened and closed. When the fluid is at high speed, the loose parts of the disc make a lot of noise. The discharge control in these valves is only within the last 2% of their closing stages.

For this reason, parallel gate valves are used to cut and plug the current.

• Fixed axisslider valve

This type of valve is screwed at the end and the valve is made with the valve of a cloth. Also, it will not hit because of the screwed axle inside the valve body.

Sliding valves are divided into the following types:

• Wedge slider valves

• Rubber tab slider

• Parallel slider valves

• Knife slider valves

Of these types, row 1 and 2 slider valves are the most widely used in water networks and transmission lines. Row 3 slider valves are most commonly used in cases where the sand content is high or the fluid flow rate is high. Taken and row 2 is mainly used in sewage systems.

• Sliding valve with movable axis:

By rotating the arrow, the axis and the drawer move up and down. The axis of this type of valve is located adjacent to the screw thread and the screw part in the bushing axis so that the screws are engaged with the bushing screws. The valve gasket is integrated with the bush axle so that the bush axis also rotates when the gasket is rotated. The drawer shaft is also integrated with the valve drawer so that the drawer shaft moves up or down when the valve drawer rotates and thus, when the valve is fully open, the shaft is positioned higher and outside the drawer length.

Take it. In this type of valve, as the bolt part of the valve comes out of the valve when the valve is open, one can see whether the valve is open or closed. Also, due to the stalk coming out, it needs care and protection against being hit and so on. One of the benefits of this type of sliding valve is that because the bolt-on part does not contact the water inside the valve, it will avoid corrosion.

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