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The plastic water pipe fittings can be classified into different types according to the type of application and the type of connections. Wastewater collection is mainly used for iron, plastic, cast iron and five-layer pipes. Polyethylene pipe installation Cement pipes and asbestos pipes are also used to collect sewage, but these pipes are becoming extinct due to environmental problems and costly maintenance. Galvanized pipes are also used in the water supply of homes and small water supply systems. In hot and cold water piping used to connect pipes to each other, to divert the pipes, to split or to convert the pipe diameter, we use parts called fittings. In this article we talk about water fitting.


What are the types of fittings?

Corrosion and sediment buildup in metal pipes can cause damages and problems in piping. So far, many efforts have been made to solve this problem. The use of different alloys with different coatings is one of the solutions used so far to increase the corrosion resistance of the metal without any definitive answer to the problem.

Another way to avoid problems with metal pipes is to use polymer pipes, but using these pipes has shown in practice that replacing metal with plastic solves the problem of pipe corrosion and decay. You can learn a lot from the pipe fittings chart.

The clever fusion of a five-layer tube consists of an aluminum tube, two layers of polymer, and two layers of special adhesive – which resist corrosion, rust, deposition and decay from polymer tubes and can withstand constant heat, high pressure and It inherits impermeability from metal pipes. Super Pipe is the latest technology breakthrough Hacking is applicable to all building installations and lasts a hundred years even in the worst of conditions.

What are the different types of plumbing fittings?

Pipe fittings are parts that are used in piping to change direction, branch, pipe diameter, or connect two pipes together. In galvanized pipe piping, the most common pipe fittings are bushings, knees, tees, nuts, bolts, bushings, and caps whose material must be galvanized steel (or pipe type) in accordance with national building regulations.  Given the importance of white pipe fittings in the galvanized piping network, here is a brief description of each.

  • Bushing: A pipe connector plastic that is used to connect two pipe or fitting pieces together and is available as a simple bushing, a spiral coil and a bushing.
  • Steel Welding Knee: A piece that is used to change the direction of the track and has different types of gear depending on the angle of change and how it is geared.
  • Tubular Tube: A piece that is used for branching in plumbing.
  • Nipple: A piece of double-rib pipe or a double-rib casting piece used to attach fittings to each other or to valves.
  • Masseur Nut: A piece that is used to connect two parts of the piping to one another or to connect the piping to the machine.
  • The Masureh nut itself is made up of three continuous pieces. Two pieces of it are connected to each side and the middle piece connects the two plumbing parts by connecting these two parts to each other. Masseur beads are used to connect the plumbing system to devices such as water heaters or pipe connections over long distances and in closed circuits.

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The plastic pipes are produced in different sizes and sizes, each of which are suitable for disposable use. The plastic pipes are very varied and therefore are a good option for a variety of industrial applications. One of the types of polyethylene pipes is that it has a large diameter. Poly Ethylene thickened pipes with internal diameter are larger than 1200 mm. These pipes are usually made of double-glazed pipes, to the maximum strength and strength for all high-diameter polyethylene pipes used for water, sewage and petrol networks, often need to be installed underground. The types of plumbing materials are very diverse.

In extreme cases, these pipes can be installed in half surface and inside the trench in low depth. The half-level method is the method in which the most PE pipe wall is under the soil and only a small part of it is outside the soil surface. The choice of landfill or surface methodology for these pipes is to detect contractors and engineers. You can learn through pipe union installation through skilled plumbers.

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Coupling fitting exports and fittings as one of the most needed steel goods on the one hand and on the other hand has established the dollar and currency fluctuations, the laws of movement of customs, etc. have created its own special problems that require expertise and specialization. Iron City gives you a promise to provide qualified professionals with knowledge and expertise in all its export and export challenges and ensure an easy and safe path.

The situation and the political and geographical conditions and the passage of important historical events in addition to exports, import of goods of many other countries. The main products are imported fuels, chemicals and in recent years steel products including tube, ingots and iron ore. Most Turkish imports from Russia are 12.8 percent, while Iran forms 4% of Turkey imports. Currently, Iran 45 exports products needed for Turkey. These tubes are sometimes used to discharge small sanitary sewers but are used primarily for ventilation.

The tubes are made of soft steel, where they are welded to the steel plate by pressing the die into the seam, then plated to increase the resistance to acids and rust in a plating tub (galvanized). they do. These pipes are less resistant to acids than ferrous ones, and all acids that are harmful to cast iron also corrode galvanized steel.

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Iran is one of the biggest poly-Saharan sellers in Asia that sells this product to other countries. According to environmental and climatic conditions, it is tried to produce the best polymeric pipes and make them available to the public. These factories are active in our country. Polymeric pipes have good raw materials to make their product light, durable, yet functional. Polymeric pipe products made from suitable type can be purchased and used throughout the city and many online stores.

Exports to Turkey through land, air and sea are possible, but 90% of Iran exports to Turkey through land and commercial boundary. For more information on the border of the merchant and other Turkish export borders, please visit our export borders page. One of the most important factors in the export of polyethylene pipe to Turkey is the legal requirements of Turkey, which is introduced in the form of standard and compulsory standard certification. Quality analysis Therefore, export pipes to Turkey must be selected and purchased with full knowledge of the Turkish market and in accordance with their legal requirements.

What are the uses of black pipes?

In the use of black steel pipe, a sealed pipe is used to transport liquids and produce profiles of cans, making artifacts and steel structures. For a variety of industries such as gas, high-pressure tanks, refineries, power plants, or seamless pipes are used, or so-called “black pipe” actually refers to WELDED STEEL PIPE steel joints, which result in steel joints. Forming and welding of steel sheets are manufactured in different thicknesses and types. Fortunately, the number of domestic factories active in the production of all kinds of black steel and iron sealed pipes is considerable.

The major part of the country needs are supplied by domestic factories, used sealed pipes, diameter and The thickness, method of production and type of welding, especially of considerable variation, are ERW welded straight joints, the most common used being the SPIRALLY WELDED straight welded pipe and the LSAW spiral seam welded tubes.

Industrial and durable plastic pipes in bulk

The price of PE pipe with the type of raw material (imported and domestic) grade materials and the purity of raw materials is different PE production. Material purity is the amount of raw materials used in the production of polyethylene pipe with scrap material, it does not use waste material in the production of PE and is committed to excellent quality and production of polyethylene pipe is excellent and these companies have tested all PE. The products are of high quality verified and proven. To obtain the price of PE pipes and correct use of PE pipes use the followings:

The cost of this product depends on the diameter and pressure of the pipe as well as its raw materials, and these pipes have different lengths that usually start at 20 mm and will eventually arrive at a wide outline of 2400 mm. The price of PE pipe and its weight directly with the pipe working pressure, the higher the pressure, the pipe weight and the HDPE pipe prices are also greater.

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Polyethylene pipes are made of polyethylene material that the price of these materials on the stock exchange is constantly changing and there is no relative stability at the price of the polyethylene pipe, so after receiving the price per kilogram of polyethylene pipes that price will multiply it in weight, though it will be given. Pipe sizes that can consist of PE 80 or PE 100 and then show the price obtained for each pipe meter desired.

That is, according to the type of raw materials PE80 or PE100, the price of a polyethylene pipe is obtained by multiplying the price of each kilo of the raw material in the high weight table, which is expressed in the pipes of KG/M. Polyethylene. That means, made of polyethylene raw materials and by increasing the price of barrels of oil in the global markets of petrochemical products, the price of these raw materials is fluctuating. The genus of these pipes is rolled from white iron, which is welded by welding seam machines and then dipping the tube in metal over molten. That’s why they don’t say the seam tubes as well. These types of pipes are known as their dark colors and soils. Generally, both light and medium are produced.

All galvanized steel and iron pipes are produced in 6-meter and two-head gears with a height of 8-inch poles. This pipe is usually the nominal diameter, which is larger than the inner diameter and smaller than the outer diameter. Also, in the market, these pipes are based on score. Galvanized pipes are also connected to each other by screw rib and are sealing by suitable materials.

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Polypropylene is thermoplastic and semi-crystalline, which are widely used in various industries. Most of the industries are used from both, but what is the best option? Here are some tips that can help you to choose the best choice for the industry. There are major differences between these two polymers in their integrated units. The units of polyethylene and polypropylene monomer are ethylene and propylene respectively. First, key points are expressed for specialized polymer choice: polypropylene is more rigid than polyethylene and is mostly used for producing molded parts.

Polyethylene is somewhat elastic and more flexible. Therefore, the production of transparent product in polypropylene is possible. The hub and hood are both used to close the pipe inlet during construction and the only difference between the two fittings is that the hub is pistil while the hood series is male. The hub and cap are threaded and made in different materials including metal, plastic and resin.

Symmetrical reducers are cone-shaped and connect two tubes of identical diameter, but have asymmetric bell-like reducers that are used to connect two tubes of non-identical diameter. This type of fitting also prevents the formation of air bubbles in the pipe.

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Pipes and fittings for polyethylene plastic today are widely used for transportation of various gases and liquids. Polyethylene is preferred because of its inherent benefits, such as light weight, high flexibility, easy installation and non-changing nature of metal. In addition, polyethylene pipe fittings are generally more resistant to other pipes than corrosion and scalability compared to other.

In the past, due to the chemical reaction of old and traditional fitting ingredients, negative effects on odor, color and taste of drinking water have been. For this reason, extensive research has been conducted to select the best pipes for conveying water piping and the results show the efficiency of copper pipes as well as high-density polyethylene pipes (HDPE) in this area. In this regard, the EPA regulates standards and regulates contamination rates.