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water line fittings : Vital arteries are of particular importance for reasons such as their large size, their functional dependence on each other, and the severity of injury due to their interaction with other structures. Water transmission lines and major urban water distribution lines require special attention and attention due to their special importance and characteristics. The types of buried pipeline failures may be due to damage to the body, its joints, or a combination of body and joint damage. Failure of the body due to fracture, cracking, bending or bending of the pipe, and failure of the joint due to fracture and welding, is the dislocation of the screw and nut joints, leaving the joints out. Studies show that the failure of joints is far more than the failure of the body. Studies show that in discontinuous pipe joints, flexible joints are more vulnerable to earthquake forces than flexible joints, and most of the damage is related to pipe joints or other structures. Also the type and type of connection depending on the pipe type and the correct way of installing the connection can play a crucial role in increasing the life of the pipeline.


Types of Plumbing and Pipe Fittings On The Market

plastic water pipe fittings : There are different types of pipe fittings for pipe fitting that have different purpose and function. These fittings are used to connect pipes of identical or different sizes and also to control the flow of fluid inside the pipe. These joints are used in many different ways such as copper, iron, brass, PVC and so on. The different types of plumbing fittings and their applications are as follows:

  • Knees
  • Reducer
  • Three way
  • Intersection
  • Coupling (bushing)
  • Nut and Masseur
  • Adapter
  • Plug
  • Cap
  • Valves

Knee joints: Knees are used to change the direction of flow between two tubes. These knees are usually available at angles of 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees, and upright. Normal knees will be used if the diameter of the tubes is the same, otherwise lowering knees will be used. The knees are made of different materials. These joints are usually fabricated and can be bonded to each other using a fusion bot or heat welding.

Reducer Connections: One of the plumbing fittings that reduces the volume of flow from large to small pipe. There are usually two types of reducers. One of them is a concentric reducer that has a conical shape and decreases the size of the tube along it. In this type of reducer, it is possible to hold the air above it and cause decay. Another type of fitting is the off-center reducer, the upper surface of which is aligned with the large and small tubes and the lower surface is sloping. There is no likelihood of imprisonment in this type of reducer.

Top 5 Brands of Pipe Fittings in Europe

types of plumbing materials : Plumbing is one of the things whose proper and proper implementation plays an important role in extending the life of the building. Each building can have different plumbing depending on the number of floors and the type of use. Different types of pipes are used to plumb the building, each with its own unique features and capabilities.

  •  Galvanized pipe

Galvanized pipes, known as white pipes, are divided into two types of iron pipes and galvanized steel pipes. Galvanized iron pipes are made of lightweight and medium-sized white rolled iron. These pipes are lighter and lighter in weight than galvanized steel pipes. In contrast, galvanized steel pipes are made of soft steel and have little resistance to acids. These pipes are used to disinfect small toilets. In general, galvanized pipes have high pressure tolerance, but their resistance to corrosion and sedimentation is low.

  • Cast iron pipe

Cast iron pipe, as its name implies, is made of cast iron. This pipe has different shape, length, amount of alloy and type of connection depending on the application. Cast iron pipe is made in two types of flat and hub heads. The type of cast iron is divided into types of one hub and two hub heads. Flat head tubes have a higher pressure tolerance than hub tubes.

  • Polypropylene pipe

Polypropylene pipe is available in two colors: white and green. This type of pipe looks like plastic and is made of polypropylene random-type copolymer III. Polypropylene tubes are known in the market as green tubes, monolayer tubes, white tubes and PP tubes.

  • Five-layer tube

The five-layer pipe or fusion pipe is made of one layer of aluminum, two layers of adhesive and two layers of polymer. The inner and outer layers of the tube are made of polyethylene and are bonded to the middle layer with two adhesive layers. The middle layer is made of aluminum foil, which prevents oxygen from entering the pipe and worn out.

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plumbing materials price list : The price of the pipe varies according to the application and materials used in their manufacture. For example, the price of galvanized pipes used for plumbing water and sewage in buildings is cheaper than other pipes but is currently not being addressed by builders. Cast iron pipes are also rarely used in domestic water and sanitation projects. But PVC pipes are among the most widely used pipes due to their unique features and capabilities. The price of PVC pipes is reasonable and can be used safely in building plumbing. The price of the galvanized pipe is reasonable, but due to its disadvantages, it is limited to use in building plumbing. These tubes are connected by a screw and sealed with special materials. The price of cast iron pipes is cheaper than iron pipes. Currently no new galvanized and cast iron pipes are used in the plumbing because of the new pipes.

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pipe connector plastic : Three-way fittings are a type of plumbing fittings that are similar to the English letter T. In these connections, there was one inlet and two outlets in which the outlet pipes were positioned 90 ° to the inlet pipe. This connection can also be used to integrate two streams (inputs) into another (outputs). These joints are made in different sizes and sizes. If the three sides of an intersection are the same size, then the intersection is called the unequal one. Cross or cross connections have four pipes in four directions. These connections are used when four pipes are connected in one place. These joints put more pressure on the pipes as they are at the center of a quadruple connection. Crossroads are commonly used for fire extinguishing systems.

Nuts and bolts are another type of plumbing fittings that act as a coupling but the coupling cannot be removed after installation if the nut and bolts can be opened at any time. The nuts and bolts have a nut, screwed in. Therefore, it can also maintain the type of male and female tubing. If the tubes do not have a special screw at their end, they can be turned into male or female tubes using an adapter. Adapters are usually used for copper and PVC pipes. Male adapters have male screws and female adapters have female screws. One end of the adapter has a screw and the other end is crude, which can be attached to the pipe using glue, solder or welding.

Cap is one of the plumbing equipment commonly used to close the end of a pipe during inspection or repair. Caps usually have male screws. The cap is another plumbing device that performs the same function as the cap, but instead of the male screw having a female screw that is fastened to the male screw. These covers are made of various materials such as rubber, copper, steel, plastic and so on. The price of different types of pipe fittings varies with each other, but overall the size of pipe fittings increases as well.

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types of pipe joints : One of the most important parameters of the design of the joints is not to attach the weight of the sanitary ware on the pipe, so by screwing the joints onto the wall mounting plates, the weight of the sanitary ware and equipment is not increased on the pipe and the life of the system is increased. The built-in joints are mounted to the wall by the single and even mounting plate or radiator mounting plate, and this mounting plate maintains the distance between the pipes until the desired sanitary valve is installed. Surface joints with a plate on the back are directly pinned to the wall. These items are fittings for the sanitary valves of the plumbing system.

These joints are made of nickel plated brass alloy to prevent corrosion, erosion and deposition. New technologies in design ensure precise quality control in production, with special Oersing, ensuring durability and complete sealing in the tough and long working time of these joints. In the installation of five-layer pipes, due to the existence of multiple bifurcations and the need to use joints in the direction of change or resize of the pipe, two different methods and two types of joints are commonly used. These fittings are referred to as press fittings and coupling fittings depending on how the pipe is fitted and how it is installed.

Press fittings manufactured using the newest technology in the world can be installed and run independently or with threaded connections. Instead of beads, a press ring is used instead of a nut, which is pressed onto the pipe when installed by the press. These connections are quicker and easier to install than threaded connections.  Copper alloys are made of brass alloy plated with nickel alloy for reinforcement and beautification, and at the outlet of each copious joint, the dentin is inverted to hold the tube in place. At the end of the dentin, the connecting body has threads for screwing the nut to it. Coupler joints are flexible and resistant to oxidation, the body of the joint is of good composition and is suitable for a branching relationship, hot and cold water installations.

Couplings are also used to prevent water permeability in connection with the ready-made operation. In addition to compressing the dentin of the connecting body into the inner flesh of the tube, two rubber ounces are also used. They are one of the most prominent rubber moorings located at a distinct distance between the treads. These rings have high heat resistance and do not simply become dry and brittle. The third part of the couplings is a ring made of brass alloy, when the coupler body is inserted into the tube, the loop is mounted on the tube and the pipe is practically restrained between the brass ring and the brass body. In our country different companies with different brands are active in the production and supply of pipes and fittings.

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pipe union installation : In some cases, due to the two ends of the pipes and joints, when opening and closing them, a connection is required so as not to interfere with the other connections. This connection is the same as UNION, which enables easy installation, removal of pipes, valves or tank joints in the screw piping system. UNIONs may be supplied in combination with another connection. Like (UNION ELBOW and UNION TEE).

What is the application of UNION Nut and Tackle? UNION PIPE is a commonly used joint for repairing piping lines in various industries. The nut and the nut are made up of three connecting parts called the combination of these three joints, the nut and the nut, or UNION. These three parts consist of a bead in the middle and a rib (NPTF (FEMALE), two ends of which are threaded into two pieces) and at the end of each bead a UNION bead within the NPT FEMALE The two ends of the pipeline are connected by thread, the method of attaching the nut to the pipeline and connecting it in such a way that they first connect the two connections to the pipes and couple this connection through the middle nut.

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Building plumbing in residential and office buildings is one of the things that should be best designed and implemented. Without building components and plumbing, it is impossible to live in structures. The building plumbing system is designed and operated by the specialist forces according to the type of use, potential use and pressure. Experts perform the calculations with the help of engineering formulas and gender, tube diameter, and other important factors.

Propylene pipes are more widely used in home water transfer. Plumbing Facilities There are indoor and outdoor plumbing. Water supply to the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, motor and boiler installations, building plumbing system for radiators and domestic heaters, hot and cold water piping package and wall water heaters are part of the main plumbing in residential and office buildings. The kitchen, the bathroom and the bathroom also use sanitary sewer to dispose of liquids. The most important application of plumbing in the building is the implementation of plumbing in both water and wastewater.

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Plumbing is one of the very basic structures of the building. The hot and cold water plumbing is the heart of the building and the sewer is the heart of the building, and after completion it is not easy to make any changes and any specialized repairs require the presence of an experienced plumber. The five-layer pipe is one of the most widely used construction pipes that can be used for a variety of purposes. Note that these pipes are not only used in homes or buildings. But given the widespread use of five-layer pipes in buildings, what has been the focus of buyers these days is their use in residential and construction activities.

A pipe must have a number of properties in order for it to be used as a sanitary water pipe in the building and to transport cold and hot water well inside. Most importantly, these pipes should not alter the water properties at all. The five-layer tube is manufactured to ensure that the water reaches consumers at its best. Low longitudinal expansion in five-layer pipes is another important reason that these pipes can be used in drinking water and cold water systems. Some five-layer tubes are made of HDPE cross-linked polymer. HDPE stands for high-density polyethylene, which is very effective in the manufacture of five-layer pipes. To make these tubes, the polymer is melted and immediately injected into the tubes to cool and form.

2019’s best prices for pipes and their fittings

2019’s best prices for pipes and their fittings

Fitting or connection: There are different types of fittings that are used for different purposes but all have one thing in common – that is, piping whenever you want to change the straight line in any direction. One type of fittings or fittings will be required, so fittings are referred to as fittings used in plumbing or diverting, but can be fitted with precision tools and all equipment on the road. Plumbing is also said to be some kind of fitting or connection, including all kinds of fittings, knees A / bends, tees / splits, and reducing / increasing the level of their termination. The raw materials for the production of water and fluid fittings consist of a variety of metals and polymers, the most commonly used being brass fittings, stainless steel fittings, cast iron fittings and in the category of polymers: PE or Teflon fittings and composite fittings.

One of the uses of fittings is to create inlet and outlet water storage tanks, which is essential for health and well-being, and that brass fittings and polyethylene fittings meet the standards of health and cost. Steel fittings are much cheaper, and brass fittings or fittings are used for mounting on a plastic tanker, which is the most widely used type of household water tanker today due to better sealing. It should be noted that cast iron and steel joints are used for metal tanks, including galvanized tankers, but metal tanks are generally not recommended for storing drinking water other than steel tanks.