Where to Buy Electrofusion Pipe Fittings in Bulk?

electrofusion fittings are a variety of joints that can be used in gas pipelines and water supply lines.The heating method is used to generate heat compared to butt fusion and electric current.This method is the only type of connection approved by the IGS standard for gas transmission due to its high safety. In the following we talk about the sale and supply of these connections in bulk.

Where to Buy Electrofusion Pipe Fittings in Bulk?

Electrofusion Fittings & Equipment for Sale

Electrofusion Fittings & Equipment for Sale

electrofusion fittings uk:

Using this method we can create various PE pipe fittings such as pipe – pipe, pipe – knee, pipe – bushing (for example in changing pipeline diameter) and so on.It does not have a pipe connection of similar sizes.

Experience has also shown that polyethylene pipes can be bonded to different types of PE in this method.In addition to its safety,other advantages of this method are its high speed and clean connection.But on the other hand, the limitation of this method is the high cost and maximum diameter of the pipe that can be connected with this method.

Polyethylene fusion fittings are used in gas transmission pipelines and water supply lines, which are commonly used in gas distribution networks due to their high reliability, and are therefore approved by the IGS.This method allows to make various PE connections such as pipe – pipe, pipe – knee, pipe – bublin, etc.This method is used more because it has no other limitations for welding methods.Electrofusion joints are manufactured from high quality petrochemical polyethylene materials without the use of fillers and in compression grade 5 times.These types of connections are made of PE 100 PE according to EN1555-3 and INSO14427.Electrofusion joints are of different sizes from 1 to 2 in different sizes.

Electrofusion tools are available in different sizes and sizes according to customer’s request.Electrofusion joints are proven to be the most reliable and suppliers of pipe fittings, with all our gas pipelines being below 5 mm in size and operating pressure below 5 pounds per square inch (PSI), which is commonly used in all gas pipelines.Included in cities are such connections.This method is used in piping systems for the distribution of gas, water and sewage to industrial plants.

Electrofusion welding is a type of welding of polyethylene pipes and fittings in which special joints with electrical resistance wires are used to create the melting heat of the welding surfaces.The electric current is transmitted to the two ends of the connector by means of a mdpe electrofusion machine and by means of a control box.As with fused-to-weld (butt) welding techniques, a variety of saddle and socket joints are also used in the electro fusion method.

The principles of the electrofusion process are uniform and generalizable to most mechanical compression fittings.The price of electro fusion fittings is listed at the top of the list, and because these fittings are imported, their price is directly related to the rate and fluctuations in the market.The canonical is different and therefore explained separately.The main difference between conventional heat-welding and electro-fusion is how heat is applied. In conventional heat-welding joints, a heating tool is used to heat the pipe surfaces and joints.

Electrofusion welding is heated internally by a conductor at the welding joint surface, or by conductive polymer.Heat is caused by the electrical connection to the conductive material in the joints.Electrofusion of two polyethylene pipes requires the use of electrophysical couplings.The electro-fusion structure consists of coils that are connected by two small electrodes to the electrofusion welding machine.The manufacturer will install the amperage of the current, as well as the heating and cooling time.The barcode reader reads the connection first and then the welding operation begins.It comes out. Now the electrodes are separated and the piece is welded.

The equipment used in electro fusion joints are winding machines and wires:

Electrofusion welding machine

The choice of connection method depends on the use of the pipeline, the requirements and the possibilities available.Electrofusion joints are commonly used in gas distribution networks and butt joint welding and polyethylene pipe welding joints, in water and wastewater transmission lines and their distribution networks.Torsion joints are easily and quickly opened and closed and do not damage the polyethylene pipe and have the ability to be fully resistant to chemicals.

 Because of its high reliability, the electro-fusion method is commonly used in PE gas distribution networks and is economical for pipes with diameters of 2 to 4 mm.To connect, first squeeze the end of the pipe and then insert it into the coupling of the electro fusion coupler with the coils of heat resistance and connect the power supply.The coil is heated and the plastic around it melts.As a result of the heat, the couplings are tightened and the pipe welded properly.The welding current required for the welding machine must be adjusted to the size of the welding.The welding operation is performed automatically.

The connection points should not move for at least 1 minute after the welding is completed.The surface of the pipe must be carefully inspected before welding to ensure it does not scratch, as scratches may leak at the joint.The important point to consider in this connection method is that a device must be used for welding that is proportional to the electrical coils of the joints.

Electrofusion welding differs from butt fusion (fusion) method.The main difference is in the method of heating the joint.In the fusion method, thermal tools are used to heat the surface of the pipe and PE connections, but Welding of heat by electro-fusion is done internally by electric current.In polyethylene pipes, the weld strength created by electroporation is greater than that of melt-in-head welding.Electrofusion coupling is one of the common connections for connecting two polyethylene pipes to each other.

Polyethylene Electrofusion Fittings for Export

Export of PE pipe

The export of PE pipe to the countries of the region and beyond has been our medium-term goals and since the beginning has been producing high quality products with the highest standards.In line with the PE industry, we have imported the most modern and production machinery from Germany (PE production line) and have updated our machinery at any particular time.

We produce high quality and exemplary products in the region as an exemplary and exemplary role model for other manufacturing units and as a successful exporter has been able to export its products to various countries and have exported polyethylene pipe to Iran.Have.

Exports have been and are still very difficult, competitors in the global range of products require world-class quality, exporting PE is much more difficult than other products, in the Middle East region through one of the main centers of oil extraction and oil derivatives producers.The names are there, and exporting PE to the countries of these hard-working competitors is difficult with the leadership of managing and producing quality products.

The company consumes polyethylene raw materials from the most reputable manufacturers of polyethylene materials in the world and Iran, including Basell, BP Solvay, Borouge. We have been able to meet the needs of most neighboring countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq,We supply Central Asian and African countries in the field of polyethylene pipes and fittings and have made exporting polyethylene manholes our top priority.

At present, the company is cooperating with most of the neighboring countries’ national construction and supply projects in the field of supplying high pressure polyethylene pipes for water supply networks, fire systems and industrial wastewater systems.

Our company develops its products according to the infrastructure needs of the developing civil engineering and developing industries, gradually completing its product portfolio and introducing German technology and engineering into the production of polyethylene manhole and double walled pipe, composite valve.Manhole, UPVC pipe and other related products with the best possible quality

Single-walled PE and double-walled PE tubes and their fittings are manufactured as the company’s main product with the highest quality and safety standards, as well as the entire production process from the moment of entry of raw materials to the moment of exit of the finished product, strict supervision by personnel.There is quality control and Pars Ethylene Kish Laboratory.

Our company is currently one of the most active competitors in the field of production and supply of polyethylene pipes and fittings in overseas projects and in some countries of the region is the only polyethylene pipe manufactured by the company. Exports of PE and other products of the company in order to increase the value added and export of finished products have prevented the crude oil sales and every day is thinking about expanding the export of PE.

Important standards about electrofusion fittings in the world

Important standards about electrofusion fittings in the world

Among the advantages of coupling electrophysiological couplings to butt fusion joints (butt) are:

  • Easy welding This type of fitting in difficult areas such as elevations or sloping surfaces
  • High speed of execution of projects using electrofusion connections
  • Full sealing of this type of joint in terms of welded area compared to butt welding
  • Very low pressures of this type of joints compared to welded joints to prevent internal bead
  • High strength and superb flexibility of this type of earthquake or earthing joint
  • Welding capability in different standard aspect ratio (SDR)
  • Non-involvement of manpower and operator in welding operations

One of the most important advantages of coupling our electroplating coupler is its capability to connect with all the welding fittings manufactured by the company so that a high variety of electrofusion joints can be used in projects.

Electro fusion standards

All stages of designing – manufacturing and testing electrophysics products are subject to the international standards EN12201 and EN 1555 and also carry out all manufacturing processes under license and licensed and produced by the UK ‘s sole holder of wire implantation (MSA ENGINEERING CO) in the UK.

Electro fusion quality

All stages of preparation of raw materials – production – control – packaging – warehouse and finally sales and support of the product are under ISO9001 standard.

Electrofusion Welding Equipment

In a successful welding operation, the use of proprietary tools is essential.  Always make sure that all the equipment you need is available and calibrated if it needs calibration before welding.  In general, the equipment required for electro fusion welding includes the following.

  • Measuring instruments such as meters, tapes, etc.
  • Pipe cutting equipment
  • Pencil or automatic for marking
  • Scratch tool
  • Alcohol-free wipes that are not dry
  • Special wrenches
  • Pipe holders such as clamps
  • Power generator

Distributors and dealers of fittings in Europe

What is Electrofusion Welding?

Did you remember the fiery sparks and loud noises after hearing the word welding?Well I have to say in electro fusion fittings, it’s not like the welds you’ve ever seen.In conventional welding fittings, a heater is used to heat the pipe surfaces, but in welding electrofusion, the heat is internal and the heat is generated by connecting electricity to the conductive material embedded in the fittings, meaning, in fact, to generate heat from electricity.Used.In general, polyethylene pipes are connected in three ways.

The method of connecting pipes in electro fusion joints

Many of you may have heard of the name electrofusion joints and know how to use it, but don’t know how to do it!  Well, to find out how the pipe connection is done in this way, follow along with the article.

In electro fusion joints, couplers or connectors are used to connect the pipe.The couplings are in fact polyethylene-shaped pipe fittings in which the thermal element is located and the two ends are specified for electrical connection.

First, the coupler, like a sheath, involves two ends of the pipe or joints that are to be connected together.The two coupler heads are then plugged in and the plastic is melted.The heat created will melt the two connecting ends and the coupler will eventually enclose the two connecting ends as a sheath.After cooling the junction, the coupler metal clamps will be removed and all!At the same time, the tubes were fastened by electroporation.

For more information on how to sell and supply electrophysiological fittings worldwide, especially in European countries, you can visit our site and ask your expert experts on this site.

Who are the famous producers of electrofusion fittings?

Who are the famous producers of electrofusion fittings?

All over the world there are many companies that manufacture and supply electrophysical connectors. But only a handful of companies operate in terms of quality and authenticity.Our company is one of the few reputable companies producing and selling this type of connectors due to the use of experienced and experienced people in the production performance of the company and the production of very high quality connections.Been.

Be sure to get in touch with us for free advice and answers to our questions, our experts are at your service.

PE Electrofusion Fittings Supplier in Middle-East

Our company offers all kinds of PE pipes, all Takab junction products with the aim of supporting national production on sale and also the possibility of providing PE products in bulk and you can contact us by logging in.Zee Mike is one of the largest PE providers in the Middle East.

Due to the type of application of PE in industry and agriculture the resistance of PEs should be at a desirable level.Tubes and fittings are designed to withstand impact, wear, corrosion, rapid crack propagation (RPC) and chemical resistance.

One of the main features of the types of PE pipes is leakage when they are cracked. In other words, the possibility of pipe bursting is much lower than other types of pipes and fittings after cracking in the pipes. Leakage of the pipe has the opportunity to replace and repair them, which can prevent harmful risks.

Another important factor in measuring the resistance of different types of polyethylene pipes is their internal surface wear. As the inner surface of the polyethylene pipe is elastic, the particles of the material inside the tube do not adhere to their surface.Lack of adhesion to the inner surface of the pipes will eventually make them resistant to any abrasion and eventually lead to long life. For example, due to its high sensitivity to gas transmission, the type of material used in the pipe and PE connections is completely resistant to any wear and tear and may prevent any hazards.

It is also worth noting that polyethylene pipes, like other plastic pipes, are more resistant to chemicals than metal pipes.As a result, they have a very low chance of corrosion and have good resistance to corrosion.

The advantages of polyethylene pipes, the widespread use of plastic and polyethylene pipes and fittings in various installations and industries are certainly no coincidence and there are many reasons for this choice.It is interesting to know that 99% of the connections in the world are made of polyethylene and this shows their great benefits. Among the advantages of polyethylene pipes over other types of joints can be mentioned:

High Resistance Polyethylene pipes have better resistance to impact and rapid abrasion and abrasion than other types of plastic and metal pipes.Also, this type of pipe is very resistant to chemicals and does not rust at all and rarely corrode. It is important to note, however, that high-strength polyethylene pipes are best used to transport industrial wastewater and wastewater, as well as alcohol and detergents.High resistance not only in pipes but also in welded PE and other types of joints.

Electrofusion Fitting at Best Price in India

Electrofusion Fitting at Best Price in India

The quality of PE connections is very important in the operation of your pipeline and if the connections are not of a good quality make sure that you will have many problems very quickly.In India, unfortunately, they are sensitive to the purchase of polyethylene pipes and carry out all the necessary inspections to ensure the quality of the pipes, even though this is the case for fittings, and contractors go to various stores for fittings and unidentified items containing materials.They have been producing waste.Therefore, most of the electrofusion fittings manufacturer in india and some countries can be trusted.

Connecting polyethylene pipe to joints and other PE pipes by using welding will form non-leakable joints whose strength is similar to or even stronger than the pipe. Using welding in urban applications eliminates potential leakage points that may result in leakage points. Other types of pipes, such as PVC or iron pipes, are available every 3 to 6 meters while using male-to-female joints.All of these male-to-female joints use rubber gaskets that become leaky over time and may leak, which is why their acceptable water leakage is 10 percent or more, but in the case of PEs depending on the possibility The use of welding is relatively zero. In addition, the welded polyethylene points have their own inhibitory properties, while maintaining the integrity of the joints, eliminating the need for expensive impact inhibitors or bump blocks. Engineers also have other ways to connect polyethylene pipes to the urethra  Including the man who named Electro and mechanical connections.

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